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Brave farmer wades into Storm Dennis floods to rescue drowning lambs and says ‘I’d die for my sheep’

A VIDEO shows the dramatic moment a brave farmer risks her life to save her lambs from fields flooded by Storm Dennis.

Faye Russell said she'd die for her sheep and didn't hesitate to save her flock from the torrential downpours on Sunday.

When a neighbour called to say her sheep and lambs were at risk, Faye put a rope around her waist, handed it to the neighbour and jumped into the freezing water.

She told the Metro: "There were two people on the end of the rope because the current was so strong. It was fierce.

"It got quite choppy. I was swimming and had lambs under my arms trying to keep them above water."

Faye's farm is on the floodplain in Matlock, Derbyshire and it was badly affected by heavy rain from Storm Dennis over the weekend.

The 26-year-old farmer spent her Saturday, along with Border Collie Tom, moving her 300-strong flock to higher ground.

But Faye didn't expect the water to come so quickly on Sunday morning.

"The water came at such a force," said Faye.

"But it was really driving rain. The wind and the rain cut me in two.

"So the sheep took themselves behind the floodbank and effectively watched the tide come in around them."

You put your life on the line for your animals, you really do.

Speaking about her "wild swimming expedition" on Facebook, Faye said "I would actually die for my sheep".

The "flash flood" had submerged the field with 7ft water but this didn't deter the brave farmer.

Faye simply said "duty calls" and got to work rescuing her flock.

She said: "You put your life on the line for your animals, you really do.

"Any farmer will agree they come above yourself and above anything. You spend your whole life with them, and some of them are pets."

Faye compared one sheep called Pebbles to a "big hippopotamus" as it swam beside her.

Five people died as a result of the "bomb cyclone" Storm Dennis over the weekend.

The latest victim was confirmed on Monday as Yvonne Booth, 55, who was pulled into flooding from the River Teme, Worcs. on Sunday.

Thousands of Brits were evacuated from their homes after the River Wye and River Trent burst their banks in Derbyshire and Staffordshire, following the double battering of Storm Dennis and Storm Ciara.

The miserable weather is set to continue with yellow warnings for wind and rain in place for north and south Wales.

More than 250 flood warnings are also in place, along with a yellow wind warning for most of the country.