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Brandon Lewis criticized using train driver salaries on the day of the strike interview after Johnson did the same.

Brandon Lewishas been criticized for mentioning train driver salaries when discussing RMT strikes. The day afterBoris Johnsondid the same. The secretary of

Northern Irelandappeared in Sky's Sophy Ridge On Sunday program, stating that train drivers earn between £ 56,000 and £ 70,000.

He added that the dispute that caused the labor dispute on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday was a "problem between employers and trade unions," and people wanted to see a solution.

However, while RMT acts on behalf of low-paying workers such as cleaners and train guards, it is a misconception that Mr. Lewis uses the high numbers earned by train drivers. Is said to invite.

In an interview in Kigali, Rwanda, the Prime Minister made similar comments, lamenting the strike and the wages of the train driver.

He received a quick repost online from RMT and said on Twitter:

For example, train guards earn between £ 23,000 and £ 36,000, and track maintenance staff receive wages between £ 16,000 and £ 34,000.

RMT boss Mick Lynch repeatedly points out that most of the staff involved in wage and condition disputes with network rail and railroad companies are between £ 25,000 and £ 30,000. I am.

According to ONS, the median household disposable income in the UK in 2021 was £ 31,400.

After a recent strike on Saturday, Mr Lynch did not rule out further strikes, with few signs of a breakthrough in the debate between the union and the railroad operator.

Speaking on the picket line outside Euston Station, he said:

"Next week, we'll be reviewing with executives from countries traveling around the country on the picket line, so we're all gathering union leaders, and where we are.

"We are not going to date immediately, we will continue to work constructively with companies to make transactions, but that is the agenda they have. It's a really tough challenge at the moment for and the effect they want for our members. "