BRADFORD has been named in the top 10 noisiest places to live in the UK, according to police data.

The city recorded the 10th highest number of noise complaints with 6,767 made in the last three years. These complaints included incidents of dogs barking, parties and building/construction noise.

These new findings come from a study by CompareMyMove, as it reveals the UK’s Noisiest Neighbours. The data has been obtained via Freedom of Information requests.

Bradford’s near neighbours Leeds finished first in the list, with 27,316 complaints over the last three years.

Top 10 UK Noisy Neighbourhoods (and their number of noise complaints over the past three years): 1 Leeds - 27,316 2 Glasgow - 20,521 3 Belfast - 20,261 4 Birmingham - 15,643 5 Manchester - 15,131 6 Southampton - 10,135 7 Liverpool - 9,090 8 Leicester - 7,507 9 Sheffield - 7,172 10 Bradford - 6,767.

Meanwhile, the quietest places, those receiving the least amount of complaints across the UK, have been recorded.

The UK’s five quietest cities and towns are: Reading; Wolverhampton; Northampton; Stoke-on-Trent and Luton.