So-called 'boy racers' have been getting a bad rap around Hull in recent months with reports of residents angry at regular disturbances and potentially dangerous behaviour at meets.

But two members of the KANS car group in the city have shown that there is a more positive side to the community as they helped two 16-year-olds who had been let down by their transport on prom night.

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Richard Monk, who lives in east Hull, had been gutted when he received a call to say that the car booked for his son Will and friend Dillon had been cancelled on the day of the prom itself.

After discussing the problem with a friend, they suggested posting a message on one of the local car community groups and Richard decided to do just that, posting a plea to the KANS Facebook page and receiving an overwhelming response.

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Will with the Subaru Impreza that saved his stylish entrance to prom night
Will with the Subaru Impreza that saved his stylish entrance to prom night

Richard said: "I got the message to say that the car had been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances and I was gutted for the lads, I know it doesn't mean much to a lot of people but for them at that age it is all about who turns up in what car and how they're dressed.

"It is meant to be a fun night and we were joking around a bit about them having to go on their push bikes but I wanted to try and get something sorted for them.

"A friend who is into classic cars suggested I take a look at one of the local car communities that are a bit more my sons style and see if there was anyone I could message.

"The admins at the KANS page were at a meet but said they'd happily post a message for us, within an hour I had over 60 messages from people offering help."

Richard set about organising a new lift to the special event with Ian Monkman and Antony McCloud who had both messaged separately offering the use of their vehicles.

Richard said he wasn't in the group begging for a freebie and offered payment to both men individually but was refused, both said that they had children of their own and were just happy to help out.

The pair took the time to travel to Richard's house and give Will and Dillon a spectacular entrance to their prom in a Nissan Skyline and a Subaru Impreza before going on to the KANS car meet.

Andy even gave the pair some extra flair by turning up suited and booted himself for the full chauffeur-driven experience.

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Richard said: "When they turned up you could hear the engines coming down the street and the two boys faces just lit up straight away.

"They parked up for the lads to have pictures with the cars and they were just brilliant, they made the night for those two kids.

"For two complete strangers to turn up, to go out of their way to help like that is just amazing and it really does show you that there are some nice people around still.

"All we tend to hear with car groups are the bad stories but I've got to say the whole KANS group went above and beyond to help us out, they have been brilliant."

Dillon with the Nissan Skyline and a snappily dressed Andy
Dillon with the Nissan Skyline and a snappily dressed Andy

A spokesperson for KANS Racing Events said: "When we got the message through from Richard we were unable to help out ourselves due to being organisers for the meet but we knew the community would come through.

"I understand with car communities like ours that we have a bit of a reputation that I think comes from the one percent of idiots that tend to ruin anything.

"It reminds me a bit of the football where it only takes a few bad apples in the crowd to get you all tarred with the same brush, most here in the group wouldn't be happy being called a 'boy racer'.

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"We are car enthusiasts who just love what we do, as a group we even offered some freebies to the two guys that helped out and they said send them on to the young lads instead.

"There will always be some idiots who turn up to the public meets to race but as we're on public property we can't ask them to leave even if we want to.

"For that reason we're trying to secure some private land for future meets to give us a bit more control again and to make things safer for the public."