Horrifying CCTV images shown to a jury capture the moment a young boy cowered as a hooded gangster fired a crossbow at a house in broad daylight.

Pictures are said to show Scott Fewtrell, 28, shooting a crossbow at the home of Luke Bridger in Ronkswood, Worcester, with the bolt hitting the front door.

In another chilling image, drug dealer Tommy Lee Jauncey, 23, is captured waving a starting pistol.

Drugs gang ‘boss’ Asgar Khalfe, 35, plotted the attack on Mr Bridger after a bitter turf war in Worcester, Worcester Crown Court heard at the trial of Khalfe and Kane Ingram, 21.

The dealer believed his ‘rival’ to be ‘trying to recruit his lieutenants’ and wanted use violence to protect his ‘lucrative and ruthless’ drug trade, prosecutor Steven Bailey said.

On the afternoon of August 30, 2017, Jauncey and Fewtrell were driven to Mr Bridger’s home by Jake Cox in an Audi A3, the court heard.



Jurors were told how they bought an orange starting pistol from a shop before and painted it black to make it look real.

They attacked Mr Bridger’s home, leaving a damaged door frame and one of the crossbow bolts, before speeding away.

Earlier the same day Jauncey had fired a bolt at a car in nearby Chedworth Drive.

Mr Bridger was not in the house during the attack but challenged Jauncey in a message, asking: ‘What are you doing outside my mum’s with a crossbow?’

Jauncey, Cox and Ingram were arrested later that day with 35 wraps of heroin and a ‘significant amount of cash’, Mr Bailey said.

On Ingram’s phone, photos were found of him posing with a serrated knife and ‘wads of cash’, with one caption reading: ‘The Queen don’t stop ringing’.

One of the defendants boasted of making £1,000 a day dealing drugs, Mr Bailey added.

He said Mr Bridger had tried to recruit Ingram to work with him and ‘rip off Khalfe’.

Khalfe called Jauncey at 4.56pm, 19 minutes before he fired the crossbow at a Vauxhall Astra in Chedworth Drive, and after at around 5.38pm, the jury heard.



Jauncey, from Worcester, has previously admitted conspiracy to supply heroin and crack cocaine, being concerned in the supply of cannabis.

He and Fewtrell also admitted conspiracy to cause actual bodily harm to Mr Bridger and possession of a crossbow in a public place.

Cox has already admitted both drugs conspiracies and the conspiracy to assault Mr Bridger.

Khalfe, from Aston, Birmingham, and Ingram, from Worcester, admit conspiracy to supply drugs, but deny conspiracy to assault Mr Bridger.

The trial continues.