A HEALTH and fitness project launched in Keighley last year is going from strength to strength.

The Boxfit scheme was set-up in June, for young people from the Stockbridge and Dalton Lane areas of the town.

Funding was obtained from UnLtd, which supports social entrepreneurs, and Big Local.

Behind the initiative is Narry Hussain.

Initially, young people are given a taste of Boxfit – a cardiovascular workout based on the training methods used for boxing – outdoors in their own neighbourhood.

Sessions then move indoors, at Keighley Leisure Centre.

A spokesman said: “The project uses a unique approach and model, securing the interest of young men who would otherwise be loitering on the streets of Keighley with very little to do.

“Narry does this by firstly delivering the activity to the young people in their own outdoor environment. Once interest is secured, that helps to take the activity – with a more serious approach – indoors.

“The leisure centre provides a fantastic gym, fully equipped to ensure the young men are able to address their fitness goals to the fullest.

“The project has friendly, qualified fitness staff who are always ready to lend a hand when necessary.”

Keighley Central councillor Zafar Ali – the former Lord Mayor of Bradford – and town councillor Mohammed Nazam, the ex-town mayor, both visited the project to see it in action.

Councillor Ali said: “This project brings people together. It is the best way to promote both fitness and cohesion.”

Cllr Nazam pays tribute to Mr Hussain’s efforts.

“Narry has done an excellent job working with people from the Stockbridge and Dalton Lane area,” he said.

“I believe our community should have more people like Narry, whose work has many benefits for the young people.”