The owner of a well-known Swansea bar has revealed his plans to sell up and move abroad.

Noah Redfern, who is behind Noah's Yard in Uplands, Vietnam Kitchen and The Observatory, said he was currently getting his properties valued with plans to sell them off and move to either Portugal or Parma.

Noah's Yard opened in 2010 and is credited with kick-starting the transformation of Uplands, which now has a host of trendy bars and eateries, and has been dubbed as one of the coolest parts of the UK.

The bar regularly changes the sign above the business with quirky messages or to mark special occasions.

The Observatory had been due to open in June, and would have seen the transformation of the landmark Marina Towers building into a ground floor cafe and restaurant, with a cocktail bar above.

The Observatory will also be sold

Mr Redfern revealed his decision came as a result of his lack of faith in decision making in Wales, adding that he had thought about his decision for months.

"I thought about it back in April, I have had enough of bureaucracy," he said.

"I have no faith in the Government and the people running the country. It's more to do with people being uncertain about the rules. Asking for 100% compliance is impossible."

Noah's Yard had been issued with an immediate closure notice on September 19 by licensing officers who felt the bar had breached coronavirus rules.

But Mr Redfern said he felt their system complied with regulations, and that its table spacing layout had been approved.

It has since re-opened, but will close completely again on Friday on the day new restrictions are introduced, forcing pubs to close at 6pm and banning the sale of alcohol.

Although he plans to sell up, Mr Redfern has said he may re-open again in future for the sake of his staff, dependant on any sale.

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Discussing his decision, Mr Redfern said: "It's a relief. Everything is such hard work in this country.

"There's been a lot of great times, my highlights have just been creating a great atmosphere for people to enjoy, that's been the main reason for doing this.

"Noah's Yard has been different to the norm and has created a niche.

"In terms of the Observatory, I tried. It was due to open in June and there were 35 jobs going to be created.

"It is not a sad day, nothing lasts forever and it's time to try something new."