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Boris urged to slow lockdown easing as Indian variant surges - 'Shut affected cities!'

Boris Johnson discusses future of coronavirus travel restrictions

On Friday the Prime Minister warned the planned easing of restrictions on June 21 could be delayed due to a rapid increase in cases. Scientists believe the Indian variant could be 60 percent more infectious than the currently dominant Kent variant.

However there is no evidence it can bypass the current coronavirus vaccines.

On Friday Mr Johnson admitted the new variant could “make it more difficult to move to step four in June”. readers are split on the issue according to a recent survey, though a small majority back a delay to reopening.

In total 5,154 readers answered the question “As Indian variant surges, should Boris put breaks on June 21 reopening?”


Boris Johnson has been urged to ease lockdown restrictions in the wake of the Indian variant (Image: GETTY)


Cases of the Indian Covid variant are surging in parts of the UK (Image: GETTY)

Some 2,846 (53 percent) argued he should whilst 2,221 (46 percent) disagreed.

The balance was made up by 87 readers (one percent) who were unsure.

One reader commented: “Lockdown the areas affected, don’t punish everyone else.”

Another concurred writing: “Boris should lockdown the cities with the Indian virus [variant].

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"Lockdown the areas affected, don't punish everyone else" (Image: GETTY)

“We have had enough of being locked down.

“Let those who won’t have the jab suffer this time.”

The Government has ordered the army to back a mass testing drive in areas where the new variant is spreading.

Areas under focus include Bolton, Blackburn, Bedford and South Northamptonshire.


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Over half the UK population has received at least one Covid vaccine (Image: GETTY)


"June 21 is freedom day - let's keep to it" (Image: GETTY)

However other readers urged Mr Johnson to maintain the current reopening timetable.

One posted: “We cannot be in lockdown every time a new Covid variant appears.

“June 21 is freedom day – let’s keep to it.”

Another added: “The lockdown fanatics are just looking for any excuse to keep it going in some form or another.”

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A third wrote: “No. Absolutely no.

“We’ve all adhered to the rules and had the vaccine but are made to suffer because idiots won’t stop travelling.”

Monday’s partial reopening, which will see groups of up to six allowed to meet indoors, will still go ahead.


Boris Johnson has urged the public to remain cautious (Image: GETTY)

Bars and restaurants will be allowed to serve customers inside whilst groups of up to 30 will be able to meet in the open air.

The final restrictions on socialising were due to be removed on June 21, allowing nightclubs to open for the first time in more than a year.

Mr Johnson has urged the public to be responsible commenting: “I urge everyone to exercise the greatest caution because the choices we each make in the coming days will have a material effect on the road ahead.”

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