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Boris Johnson urges world leaders to defend Ukraine firmly

Boris Johnson urged other world leaders to maintain long-term support for Ukraine. There is growing concern in Downing Street that Kyiv may be swayed by calls for ceding territory. To Russia in exchange for peace.

Arriving at theG7summit in southern Germany, Johnson used a series of bilateral conferences and television interviews in the United States and other countries as the country's political predicament swirled. Western countries.

The Prime Minister combined the two situations and toldCNNthat Vladimirputin was unable to invade the sovereign's neighbor. .. Also, the "Backbencher Commission" threatened to expel him by mistake.

At the NATO summit in Madrid later this week, Johnson outlined the key messages of the G7 meeting to provideUkrainewith long-standing support. Economic costs are "a price", he said. Worth paying for democracy and freedom.

"I just want to tell the American people that this is what America has historically done and must do," he said. Johnson added that the global consequences of winningRussiaare "absolutely devastating."

Johnson told reporters at an annual G7 meeting in the Bavarian countryside in a very harsh security situation that "population and politician fatigue are inevitable as the conflict prolongs." I warned about "feeling".

"I think there is pressure and anxiety. I need to be honest," he said.

Downing Street has not yet detected G7 leaders trying to convince Ukraine to accept the humiliating peace that Ukraine will maintain control of the occupied eastern regions after February. I emphasized that this is a serious concern.

Johnson also said he would be very willing to host Volodymyr Zelensky if he admitted that he could visit London, but admitted that this was unlikely. rice field. The President of Ukraine will effectively attend both the G7 and NATO summits.

One of the leaders Johnson wasn't expected to meet at the summit was Joe Biden.

On Sunday, he met with French President Emmanuel Macron, German Chancellor Olaf Scholz, and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau one-on-one, with Ukraine playing a central role in all the talks. rice field.

Johnson and Trudeau started with a mockery of Putin's taste for super macho topless official photos. With the suggestion to take off his jacket in the heat, Trudeau jokingly suggested "naked chest riding" and Johnson said, "Show us our peck."

Britain and France have not always agreed on this issue, but Downing Street claimed on Sunday that Johnson and Macron had fully agreed.

Johnson's official spokesman said Britain was confident in the G7 message after a strong summit on Ukraine, but nevertheless, world leaders accept Zelensky as a Russian peace agreement. He said the idea of ​​encouraging him to be more upset.

"I can understand why people who are feeling the challenges of this global living cost crisis may wonder why the country is spending so much time on this issue," he said. Said.

Just before the bilateral meeting with Macron, among what could be considered a pointed abbreviation, asked if France and Germany were doing enough for Ukraine. However, Johnson mentioned only the German response.

"I couldn't believe I'd ever seen the German Chancellor step up like Olaf Scholz and send weapons to help the Ukrainians protect themselves." He said.

"He has made great strides. 4% of our gas comes from Russia. 40% in Germany. They are facing real, real pressure. And have to source energy from elsewhere. But they are doing it. They are making efforts. They are making sacrifices. It is worth the price of freedom. Because they think there is.

"This is worth standing up with us, and it is a violent invasion of free and independent sovereign nations like Ukraine. The principle is that it should not be, and that boundaries should not be changed by force. "

Johnson tried to avoid new controversies, and the official English reading of the meeting with Macron was half of the non-members. He did not even mention their discussion of the German president's plan for an independent "European political community". , Potentially including the United Kingdom.

In contrast, French officials said Johnson showed "a lot of enthusiasm" for the idea. , As if upset.

Similarly, Johnson used a CNN interview to emphasize the need for democracy, but the U.S.'s ongoing attack on the Capitol in January by supporters of former President Donald Trump. I refused to comment on the hearing. As a general rule, we should not talk about each other's domestic politics.

Johnson has arrived at a meeting from Rwanda, who was attending the Commonwealth Prime Minister's Meeting. This is part of a total of nine days of overseas travel that keeps him away from the increasingly turbulent political situation in the country.

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