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Boris Johnson tells mum of lad up for Who Cares Wins award of his own terror — when one of his kids fell into a pool

BORIS Johnson told the mum of a hero lad nominated for a Sun bravery award of his own terror — when one of his children fell into a swimming pool.

The PM congratulated brave Lucas Palmer, eight, after he saved his brother from a fast-flowing river.

And he shared his own chilling story with Lucas’ proud mother Kate, 31.

She said later: “He told me it was among the scariest moments of his life. 

“He said it was many years ago when one of his children was small.”

The PM was full of praise for Lucas at The Sun’s Who Cares Wins awards, telling him: “What an honour it is to meet you. To jump into a river and save your younger brother is an incredible thing to do.”

Mum-of-three Kate told him how two-year-old Louis-Arthur slipped into the water behind their home near Rhymney, Caerphilly, in April 2020.

Kate jumped in but could not get close enough — so Lucas, then seven, dived in. 

She told the PM: “I was shouting, ‘No, don’t go in,’ but he did. I completely understand why he did it.”

She managed to push Louis-Arthur towards Lucas, who pulled him over to the edge and hauled him to safety.

Kate told the PM: “Lucas has been looking forward to meeting you all day. He told his headteacher the only person he wanted to meet was you.”

She told later how he was able to empathise with them, saying: “For Boris to share that story shows he understands what it was like for us. It was fantastic to meet him. It really made Lucas’s day.” 

He was meeting our nominees alongside Prince William at a special reception for our Who Cares Wins awards at The Roundhouse in London on Tuesday evening. The event recognises medics, scientists and members of the public who show exceptional and selfless courage and is screened tonight on Channel 4 at 7.30pm.

The PM told William: “It’s a fantastic event. Well done, The Sun.” He also met nine-year-old Phoebe Sinclair, whose “hero arm” was created by Joel Gibbard, 31, and Samantha Payne, 30. 

Their company, Open Bionics, was nominated for a Groundbreaking Pioneer award for creating lightweight prostheses for amputees.

And the PM instantly recognised the pair from a Zoom meeting back in April 2020. 

He said: “I remember we’ve met before. You’re from Bristol. Write to me afterwards and let me know how you’re getting on.” 

Samantha said later: “I really didn’t expect him to remember us. He must meet so many people.”

No10 declined to comment on the pool incident.

Who Cares Wins awards

The Who Cares Wins awards honour those who have helped take care of the nation.

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