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Boris Johnson’s push for summer catch-up schools shows how desperately out-of-touch he is


y heart sank read about Boris Johnson’s latest plan to run summer schools for as part of a £700m catch-up scheme. Apparently the government is going to allocate £200m to schools to run face-to-face summer tuition programmes to help children, who have faced a year of disruption to their learning, catch up.

It is a laudable aim – however I believe children don’t need more pressure, structured learning or assessments. They need to be able to play outside with their friends, have some freedom and to enjoy this long-awaited summer after a year of having to put their lives on hold to protect the vulnerable and the NHS during the Covid-19 pandemic.

I think the government have completely missed the point. School is not just about obtaining academic targets. It’s also about spending time with your friends, playing sport and learning the so-called soft skills which are essential need for adulthood – negotiation, compromising and having fun.

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