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Boris Johnson reveals why he abandoned U.S. citizenship and calls the United States a "shining city on a hill."

Boris Johnson clarified why he had to abandon American citizenship, but nevertheless sent enthusiastic compliments to the United States.

The prime minister, born in New York's luxurious Upper East Side, told CNN that the reason for abandoning citizenship was "very expensive."

But when he praised his friends across the pond at the opening speech at theG7 Summitin Bavaria, Germany, he was still in the United States. He said he considers it a "shining city on a hill".

Johnsonmade an eyebrow revelation in a discussion about former US President Donald Trump on Sunday.

But whenTrumpwas asked about "trying to cancel the election," Johnson said, "I take the fifth." I'm going. "

Comments were related to Article 5 of the Constitutional Amendment, which gives Americans the right to refuse to answer questions in order to avoid blaming themselves.

However, he realized that he was no longer an American citizen and did not actually have the right to modify.

He laughed at it and said, "I was born in New York, but it was so expensive that I had to give up my citizenship.

" But in fact We are friends and partners, and no two friends or partners are as close as the United States. In the UK, we don't talk about the country.

"In principle, we are each other. We shouldn't talk about domestic politics, it's for the people of the United States. "

The report of the death of democracy in the United States is" significantly exaggerated, "added Boris Johnson.

And the Prime Minister continued: "America is a shining city on a hill.

" For me, that would continue, and I have Joe Biden. I think it's just a fact that stepping up to the plate in the way he has shows that American instinct is still in a very right place.

But Johnson dealt with "strange" and "unattractive scenes" as he mentioned. Johnson attacked a parliamentary building in Washington, D.C. with Trump supporters. Regarding the attack that killed five people in the riots of the Houses of Parliament in 2021,

said: And a kind of unattractive scene ...

"From the outside, it was pretty weird. I don't think American democracy is under serious threat.

"It's far from that. I continue to believe that America is the world's largest guarantor of democracy and freedom.

The three-day G7 summit began on Sunday and saw leaders discuss the war and energy crisis in Ukraine.

When leaders gathered in the sultry Alps, Johnson and Justin Trudeau of Canadaopenly ridiculed Mad Vlad Putin's love for topless photography. It works to combat rising inflation and ensure that the World Union punishes Mad Vlad for his evil crimes in Ukraine.