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Boris Johnson orders ministers to speed up building 40 new hospitals as he prepares to rebuild Britain after coronavirus

BORIS Johnson has told ministers to speed up the construction of dozens of new hospitals as he prepares to rebuild Britain in the wake of the coronavirus crisis, say reports.

The PM is said to be poised to accelerate major infrastructure plans including manifesto pledges to build 40 new hospitals and fund major road upgrades.

It has been claimed the money for “the biggest programme of hospital building in a generation” will come from the billions saved in EU contributions after Brexit.

The plans are said to include giving six health trusts £2.7 billion to develop new hospitals by the end of 2025.

The remaining will reportedly be given "seed funding" to develop projects to be built between 2025 and 2030.

The Telegraph reports Boris will unveil his blueprint in a speech to effectively re-launch the Tory party's domestic agenda after months battling covid-19.

It will "map" the Government's plans for the rest of the year, including an autumn budget and a major review of departmental spending.

The PM's hospital plans also reportedly include fast-tracked recruitment campaigns for doctors and nurses .

The Sun previously told part of the package is £200m to replace ageing MRI, CT and breast cancer scanners.

Boris's plans to speed up major infrastructure projects are designed to help restore the economy and reduce unemployment.

He is planning to fire up the economy with a ‘Great Recovery Bill’ as Britain eases out of coronavirus lockdown.

The PM has told ministers to come up with ideas to help companies adapt to the chaos caused by the pandemic.

It comes as the government plans to gradually ease the strict lockdown measures after more than two months, with non-essential shops re-opening on June 15.

Boris’s scheme could include planning reforms – with ministers believing new housing, roads and broadband key to the country bouncing back.

Pubs will also be fast-tracked to serve in beer gardens and shops could be open all day on Sundays under new government plans.

Rishi Sunak, the Chancellor, has also been considering proposals for a £1.5 billion car scrappage scheme to encourage the purchase of new vehicles.

A Whitehall source told the Telegraph: “People are worried that they will face another decade of austerity and cuts to public services to pay the bill for coronavirus - this is not going to happen.

“Getting the immediate crisis under control remains the Prime Minister’s main focus."

"But the government is also preparing for tough economic times ahead. The PM wants to explain that rebuilding after this crisis won’t be a repeat of 2008.

“He believes now is the time to be even more ambitious with his plans to unite and level up the country.”

Boris Johnson admits there will be 'many job losses due to coronavirus' and promises apprenticeships for young

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