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Boris goes nuclear: Article 16 committee drawn up as UK loses patience with EU

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Amid the tension over Northern Ireland and fishing rights in Jersey, the Prime Minister has convened a committee to discuss the consequences of triggering Article 16. The committee has benen transformed from the XO Cabinet to the GB(O) committee or Global Britain (O) inside Whitehall. Amid the fallout with France, UK officials have now reopened discussions over triggering the instrument. 

According to Sky News, the matter has already been discussed on the committee. 

It is thought Article 16 could be used as early as the end of next month following COP26. 

Although EU officials met with counterparts to discuss matters this week, No10 has set the end of next month as the deadline to resolve matters surrounding Northern Ireland. 

Lord Frost has already begun communicating with MPs in order to gather support to trigger Artcile 16. 

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Brexit news: Boris Johnson prepares to use Article 16 (Image: GETTY)

One MP insisted Lord Frost claimed the Government is confident in how it is dealign with the EU. 

The MP said: "The message was: trust us. He was saying please keep your head down on the issue and don't interfere, arguing they did Brexit so they know what they're doing.

"He pointed out that the Irish are in a difficult position, as are the French and the Germans don't have a government."

While the UK Government is not certain of triggering Article 16, the MP claimed the party should be prepared if it does. 

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Brexit news: EU trade after Brexit (Image: Express)