Boris Johnson in intensive care is a personal crisis for the Prime Minister and a political crisis for the country.

Everybody will wish the PM a swift return to health but his predicament raises some awkward questions.

Either he deteriorated suddenly or No10 wasn’t entirely honest about his condition.

The danger is Mr Johnson’s incapacity paralyses the Government and no significant decisions, including whether to tighten or loosen restrictions, are likely to be taken.

The PM was admitted to hospital on Sunday
The PM was admitted to hospital on Sunday

One thing, however, that Cabinet Ministers will never be forgiven for is seeing an opportunity to score points against each other, fighting for a potential succession.

The announcement of another 439 deaths pushing up the total to 5,373 and a PM in intensive care reinforces how this virus is indiscriminate. If the most powerful person in the UK can be endangered by Covid-19 then so can any of us.

Battle ready

Ruthlessly ditching many of Jeremy Corbyn’s disciples to appoint a Shadow Cabinet in his own image shows Labour leader Keir Starmer means business.

His front bench is packed with bright men and women who’ll be intellectual matches for their opponents and in many cases will be able to tie Conservative Ministers in knots.

Bringing back Ed Miliband is a gamble but the former Labour leader is a good fit for the business and energy portfolio.

Labour finally has a team capable of forming an effective opposition and maybe a Government-in-waiting.

Talent galore

Wonderful actress Honor Blackman was never a bimbo despite playing sex bomb Pussy Galore in Goldfinger.

Her role as a female agent in The Avengers confirmed her as a role model for many women and object of desire for men, who knew with her martial arts training that she’d take no nonsense.