The babysitter who became the star of the new Borat movie said she had no idea who Sacha Baron Cohen was and wanted to ‘kick his butt’ during filming.

Jeanise Jones, 61, is a church-going grandmother who says she learned the tough way not to stand for the nonsense peddled by the fictional reporter.

She has received rapturous praise after the sequel was released, with floods of messages hailing her as the hero of Cohen’s mockumentary.

Jeanise is shown trying to talk sense into Borat’s teenage daughter, Tutar Sagdiyev, who he wants to have breast implants and marry a rich American man.



Speaking to, she said: ‘It’s only now I realise it’s a comedy and that he [Sacha Baron Cohen] is famous. At the time I didn’t recognise him, I thought he was for real.

‘He was saying some crazy stuff while we were on camera, which got me upset.

‘I was thinking “are you for real?” and was just being honest with him and with her.

‘While I was with him and the girl I thought was his daughter he was saying she wanted a boob job and I thought, “what does a 15-year-old girl need a boob job for?”

‘She was a pretty girl no doubt about it and I told her she was beautiful as she is.

‘They were also saying that in her country women didn’t go to school and he was getting her ready to marry a rich American and I was saying “what do you want to get married to an old man for?”

‘I could have kicked his butt and given him some choice words, it was hard not to give him some strong language you can’t say on television.  

‘I’m glad now that I didn’t get that serious. I thought all I could do was tell them to do the right thing and let them take it or leave it. It was an experience.’

Jeanise told she thought she was taking part in a serious film project after producers hoodwinked her ministers at Ebenezer Baptist Church in Oklahoma City by asking for a ‘black grandmother’ to appear in a documentary.

‘They came down to the church looking for someone who worked with kids,’ she said.

‘There were people with degrees there, so I was shocked they picked me.

‘I thought they were making a documentary on this man and his daughter, I didn’t know he was famous. The first time he walked through the door he was looking at me and I was looking at him. He said his wife was a black woman and he associated me with her.’

The single mother, who has a son and two daughters, does not have an Amazon Prime subscription, and has still not watched the sequel.



She said: ‘They were supposed to let me know when it was released and I don’t have Amazon Prime, so I didn’t know it was coming out until my little cousin saw it on Facebook and asked if it was me. It was only two days after that [Friday] that I figured they were playing me after my son told me it was a comedy.

‘They played me good, but it is what it is. Nobody died.’

The 61-year-old has become the unlikely star of the spoof for showing her moral compass and not taking the bait like others duped by Borat.

On Twitter, she has been called a ‘national treasure’ and the first real hero to emerge from both Borat movies.

Jeanise has been described as a ‘professional babysitter’ in reviews but she sees herself as a full-time grandmother. ‘I try to have strong morals,’ she said.

‘It’s through the church and the way I was raised to have family values. I teach my son and daughters the importance of having strong morals and that they don’t have to take anything from anybody. 

‘I was a single mum and I learnt not to take a whole bunch of stuff.’

Some people have speculated that Jeanise was in on the joke, but her pastor Derrick Scobey said the congregation spent months worrying about Borat’s ‘daughter’, played by Maria Bakalova, after the cameras stopped rolling.

Pastor Scobey told ‘We all thought it was for real. Jeanise is a no-nonsense person and was trying to give some Godly direction to this young girl.


‘Her heart was broken by what she saw. Now we realise the film is a comedy and a hoax. What we see is a strong black woman speaking up for what is right.‘

Pastor Scobey has launched a GoFundMe campaign for Jeanise, saying she deserves a contribution to say thanks after worrying for months following the encounter.

The single mother is unemployed due to the pandemic after working for a company for more than 25 years.

On the page, Pastor Scobey says Jeanise was paid $600 for her participation in Oklahoma and a few thousand dollars after she flew to Washington State for further filming.

Jeanise, however, is staying down to Earth, despite the adulation flooding in on the church’s social media channels.

Asked for her reaction to a suggestion she should be named president, she replied: ‘I couldn’t be President, I would shut too much stuff down!’

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