Bolton Wanderers conceded a bizarre goal in the closing stages of their 3-0 loss to Plymouth Argyle.

Wanderers fell behind in the first half to a quickfire double from the hosts scored by Brendan Galloway and Conor Grant.

Bolton tried to find a way back into the encounter, but in increasingly treacherous weather condtions as the rain got heavier and heavier in Devon, Ryan Broom scored the Pilgrims' third as full-time approached.

Earlier in the move, Bolton goalkeeper Joel Dixon had misjudged the conditions as Danny Mayor got the ball before him, before he played in Ryan Hardie, who in turn played in Broom as water sprayed off the Home Park pitch surface which slowed the ball down and the Argyle man eventually buried in the loss.

The nature of the goal prompted reactions from Wanderers fans on the 'bonkers' nature of the strike on Twitter, plus on the weather conditions generally at Home Park with rain which, had it come down heavier earlier in the fixture would surely have raised the question of the game being abandoned.

Josh Murphy wrote: "Wasn’t sure whether to laugh or cry when this one went in."

@benmcquade_ posted: "Can’t not laugh at this mind."

@bwfcarchie posted: "How on earth is this not called off then."

Andrew Broome wrote: "Plymouth’s 3rd goal… I mean… final nail in the coffin for us tonight but I don’t think we’ll see a more bonkers goal throughout the course of the season…."

@jobo901 posted: "Wow that rain, like we were playing at home, top of league, long way away, Tuesday night, monsoon, following the catastrophe of Saturday,let’s see what we do Saturday."

Ash Duckworth wrote: "Imagine continuing to try and play 5/10 yard passes around the opposition when for the previous 10 mins you’ve seen the ball get stuck under every players feet.. mind boggling."

Jordan Peers wrote: "Dixon giving it knee slides you could only dream of at the year 6 disco."

@hebwfc2 posted: "That pitch was so bad shouldnt have had that 3rd if wasnt for pitch. Also just switched of for first 10 mins lead to 2 goals. Also really should have berried some of our chances."

@Joe93854993 posted: "That second half still nowt to shout about but was better. Can say pitch did us in but same conditions for both teams. Long season. Be patient. Everyone with realistic expectations knew we’d hit a rough patch"

@itspaulactually posted: "That’s the biggest joke of a goal I’ve ever seen us concede. Absolute disgrace!"

Danny O'Brien wrote: "What have I just seen."