A woman has been urged to dump her boyfriend after he shared a picture of his 'apology' gifts.

Social media users were not impressed with a bloke's half-hearted attempt to say sorry to his partner, which involved chocolate and tampons.

He even scribbled down a note beside the gifts explaining the thought behind each of them.

But any goodwill of treating his other half to chocolate was outweighed by what someone has called a "pathetic" period joke.

The post shared to Twitter said: "Went pub last night and come home and had a bit of an argument with the missus. I’ll be the bigger man and apologise.."

Apology gifts
A letter was left on the glass table explaining each gift

In the image of a bouquet of Tesco's Finest roses, a box of Thorntons Pearls and a box of tampons was also a letter.

On close inspection, It reads: "The chocolates are cos I love you. The flowers are cos I'm sorry.

"The Tampax are cos I'm still not sure why I'm apologising so I guess you'll need these any day now."

Suggesting his partner was acting irrationally as a result of her upcoming period, did not win the joker many fans online, Tyla reports.

One person asked: "Tonight on: do straight men actually like women?"

Another questioned what the point in the gifts were, they commented: "Are you really apologising if you’re saying “I’m not sure why I’m apologising” and suggesting that you don’t need to because period/PMS = overreaction".

Someone else tweeted their disappointment with the stunt: "Thought it was cute until i got to the tampons part … it’s 2021 and y’all are still dismissing your gf’s emotions to the period joke ?? pathetic.

"Can men actually use their brains and stop thinking that when a woman is sad, upset, annoyed or mad that they are either due on or on their period like we literally feel those things all the time", wrote another person who wasn't here for any reductive period jokes.

One tweeter simply said: "Dump, block, leave".

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