Nicknames are usually a term of endearment - a way for someone to show affection towards a friend or family member.

As Brits, we shorten people's names too, presumably because we're all a bit too lazy to pronounce the syllables of a person's full name.

But there's one golden rule with nicknames, and it's a universal rule too - you can't pick your own.

A nickname is gifted to you. Sometimes, it's imposed on you against your will. It's not often people are actually fond of the nickname they're given, but nonetheless they have to grin and bear it.

So spare a thought for poor Daniel, who has taken to Reddit to share his despair at the pretty common abbreviation for his name people give him.

Poor Daniel has taken to Reddit to vent his frustration (


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Writing on the forum, he said: "I'm not from the UK. I introduce myself as Daniel. But every British person I meet automatically defaults to calling me Dan.

"I know they mean well but Dan sounds too British, I can't keep living like this please help."

Clearly troubled by the nickname given to him, Daniel pleaded for advice on how to get people to stop calling him 'Dan'.

Unfortunately for Daniel, the commenters on the thread were less than helpful and turned straight to making jokes instead.

One person said: "Ok Dave." From there, the jokes kept coming.

Other Reddit users referred to the classic joke from Only Fools and Horses where Trigger constantly refers to Rodney as 'Dave' throughout the series - despite being corrected repeatedly.

A commenter with the username 'Trigger's Broom' wrote: "Why does everyone call him Rodney, his name is Dave."

Looks like poor Daniel is going to be called 'Dan' for some time longer.

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