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Blind Date's "Our Graham" died at the age of 90 in honor of the legendary voice actor man

A compliment was given to Graham Skidmore, a television legend known to millions of people as the voice of a blind date. The

star-heard but not seen in the iconic showof-died at the age of 90.

He was a regular on the show from the 1980s to the 90s, and his nickname was "Our Graham".

And from 1993 to 2002, when he narratedVic and Bob'sShooting Stars, he heard his immediately recognizable tone.

Three fathers with five grandchildren died on December 27, but the news has just come out.

He has had vascular dementia for the past 10 years and has lived in Kent for his last few years.

His son Neil, 54, said:

"He loved it. I planned an event, did a show in London, and had my dad narrate. People quickly recognized him.

Neil from London,Bucks, said: We go out and become a P and O trip and Abbey National family.

Daughter Katherine Johnson, 52, said Graham wanted to be a doctor but missed the final test because of an ear infection.

While in national service, he was supposed to fight in the Korean War, but his ear infection recurred and he was at home.

She said his platoon did not return and an ear infection changed his life.

She states: "After national service, he studied engineering and started singing as a hobby. He had an extraordinary singing voice.

" He was told that he should try the musical. That's why he took him to the theater.

"Daddy was self-employed and did other work.

" He had a laundromat and a corner shop. I had and made some apartments, so there was some consistency.

"He went into the blind date and then into the shooting star.

"He starred in the St. Trinian movie, Style Council Video with Paul Weller, and was in the background of the movie Eyes Wide ShutTom Cruise-Nicole Kidman.

"At my wedding when he started talking, people said," I know that voice, "even though people didn't know he was the voice of a blind date." I was looking back.

"He was a wonderful person. He took care of people and made sure that others were taken care of.

" He was very humble. He wasn't the play "Look at me". He liked to narrate because he didn't really want to see his face.