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Blackburn super-gran, 93, defies the odds and beats coronavirus

THE FAMILY of a 94-year-old are celebrating after the great grandmother defied all the odds by beating the coronavirus despite a long list of chronic illnesses and conditions.

Doris Cliff, from Blackburn, got the all clear from the deadly illness last week after being diagnosed in the middle of May.

The grandmother, who lives in Lindon House, Shadsworth, was considered particularly vulnerable to the virus, not only because of her age, but also because she suffers from the chronic lung condition COPD.

On top of that, the mother-of-five suffers from issues with her chest, dementia, angina and muscular degenerative disease.

Speaking about her miracle recovery, grand-daughter Tracey Hardy said: “We really can’t believe it, she has well and truly defied the odds.

“When I first heard about Covid-19, I had this fear that grandma might be affected, due to the fact she is in a home and because of the long list of illnesses that she has.

“We were all devastated when she found out she had tested positive after one of the other residents had, but have been bowled over by how she’s bounced back,” she added.

“At one point she wouldn’t eat and was clearly uncomfortable and that was made even worse by the fact we couldn’t visit her and comfort her.

“But all of the staff and carers have just been amazing and if it wasn’t for them we don’t know what would have happened. They have looked after her so well.”

Mrs Cliff, who is due to celebrate her 95th birthday next week, has lived in Blackburn her whole life and moved to Lindon House at the age of 93.

She has five children, twenty grandchildren and 28 great-grandchildren.

Ms Hardy, who was brought up by Mrs Cliff, said her grandmother had always been a strong woman, from bringing up five children, working in the mills and coping with a number of illnesses over the years.

She said: “She has always been so resilient throughout her life. She’s lived through two world wars and now she’s survived this awful disease. We are all so grateful.”

Carers at the home and her family are now trying to plan a safe celebration for her, both in honour of her birthday on Monday and overcoming the illness.

Ms Hardy said: “Hopefully we can go and visit her through the window and bring her some of her favourite treats.

“There had been plans to get a singer into the garden for her, but with the turn in the weather it looks like that won’t be possible now.”

Mrs Cliff’s family would like to give their heartfelt thanks to all of the staff at Lindon House, especially carer Julie Fish, who has been particularly vital in the pensioner’s recovery and keeping in touch with the family.

Ms Hardy added: “They have all been incredible, we couldn’t have asked for more.”

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