AN eight-year-old girl is hoping to show the Prime Minister that the nation is behind him by organising a round of applause in his honour.

India-Theia McInerney, from Blackburn, was inspired to organise the event after spending the last two Thursday nights out on her doorstep clapping for the NHS.

And it was after last week’s clap that the Belthorn Academy pupil had the idea of doing the same thing for Boris Johnson, mum Amy explained.

Miss McInerney said: “After we went inside from last week’s NHS clap, India asked me why nobody does the same for Boris Johnson. She doesn’t know anything about politics, but she knows that he’s the Prime Minister and the man that runs the country and that he is trying to keep everyone safe.

“I explained to her that not everybody liked Boris but she couldn’t understand that. She’s young and doesn’t understand any hate or malice and she responded by saying she wanted to show her support.”

The pair then arranged to make a video to post to friends and family on Facebook, asking if there would be any interest from others in taking part.

Within a matter of days the video had been shared over 1,500 times, with many confirming that they would take part.

Miss McInerney said: “The response has been really fantastic and India is excited and keen to get as many people as possible involved.

“We’re not a very political household and India doesn’t really understand all of what is going on, she just sees a man who is doing his best to try and get us all through this and she wants him to know that we are thankful and grateful for him.

“This was before he became ill - it seems even more important to do it now that he is in the hospital.”

The Prime Minister is said to be ‘responding to treatment’ as he remains in a stable condition in the intensive care unit where he is being treated for coronavirus, Downing Street has said.

Mr Johnson continued to be in ‘good spirits’ after spending his third night in St Thomas’s Hospital in London, his spokesman said.

In her video, which is available to view on the Lancashire Telegraph website, India-Theia can be seen asking the nation to show their support by joining in with her this Friday at 8pm.

She said: “I may be eight-years-old but I know how to be kind. As a country now we need to show our support. He is our Prime Minister so please join our clap on Friday.

“And also remember to stay kind and be safe.”