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Black Lives Matter ‘will be proven to be a TERRORIST organization,’ Trump lawyer Rudy Giuliani claims

BLACK Lives Matter "will be proven to be a terrorist organization," Donald Trump's lawyer Rudy Giuliani has claimed.

"Black Lives Matter is an organization run by three Marxists and financed by a convicted terrorist - who I happened to have convicted, who got 58 years in jail and got a corrupt pardon from Bill Clinton," Giuliani said.

"This is not a benign organization I can't say yet that we can prove it's a terrorist organization.

"It's certainly a violent organization, and I believe in the course of time it will be shown to be a terrorist organization."

The attorney also took a hit at current Mayor Bill de Blasio, who painted a Black Lives Matter mural outside Trump Tower on Thursday.

"I thought he was the worst mayor in the history of the city, now he will have written that like a headline in history.

"Just think of the contradiction. I mean, everybody else can't march. We have to wear masks. We have to separate ourselves.

"But if you are protesting, you can stand together, you can spit in each other's face, you can hug and squeeze and you're not going to get COVID-19."

The yellow slogan he commissioned, to "send a message" to Trump, was painted by local artists from Street Corner Resources and was near completion by 11.30am.

De Blasio was heckled at Millionaire's Row on Thursday, the site of Donald Trump's building, which was closed off to traffic between 56th and 57th Street.

During his brief 20-minute appearance, people shouted "douchebag de Blasio," "shame on you," and "Hitler told us all lives didn’t matter, too!" according to the New York Post.

"Let’s show Donald Trump what he does not understand, let’s paint it right in front of his building for him," de Blasio told the crowd chanting "Black Lives Matter!"

Outside the President's building, de Blasio declared that "everyone is accountable under the law, whether they wear a business suit or a uniform."

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