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Black Friday blender deals 2021: What to expect this November

BLENDERS are among the most versatile kitchen appliances, allowing you to make smoothies, soups, butters, sauces, milkshakes and much more, at the touch of a button.

Black Friday is the best time to pick up a blender or mixer at a great price. Here's our top tips for making a purchase this November.

*Remember, just because an item is in the sale, it doesn't mean you can't find the same product, or similar, elsewhere. Always shop around to make sure you're getting the best price.

You can spend whatever you like on a blender: cheaper models can be had for less than £50 while the most powerful and sophisticated designs, such as Vitamix blenders, can set you back hundreds of pounds.

All the more reason to buy your new jug or stick blender in the sales.

When is Black Friday 2021?

As usual, Black Friday falls on the day after the USA celebrates Thanksgiving.

That means that this year, Black Friday will be on November 26.

But you don’t have to wait until then to bag a bargain.

Many retailers start discounting their goods two weeks before Black Friday and only finish two days later on Cyber Monday (November 29), leaving you plenty of time to get in on the action.

Take a look at our Black Friday topic page to find out more about this huge retail sales day and get some tips on how to lay your hands on the best deals.

When is Cyber Monday 2021?

Cyber Monday is easy to remember: it's the Monday after Black Friday.

This year, it falls on Monday, November 29.

Retailers tend to keep discounts running through the weekend until Cyber Monday - sometimes, there are further reductions and deals on the day.

What to expect from blender retailers in the Black Friday 2021 sales

Based on past years, we'd expect just about every retailer that sells small appliances to take part in this highly anticipated event, so if you want to grab yourself a Black Friday blender deal, you’ll have loads of options.

We'll bring you more details on the 2021 Black Friday discounts as soon as we have them, so keep coming back!

Here are some of the main stores that will likely be offering Black Friday blender deals in 2021:

Is Black Friday a good time to buy a blender?

It’s probably one of the best times in the entire year to buy a blender because there are so many retailers discounting at the same time.

The only issue you might have is becoming overwhelmed by all the choices and feeling the pressure to make a quick decision.

The best way to alleviate this sense of sale panic is to prepare early: browse the retailers’ sites well in advance and draw up a shortlist of blender models you like, noting their pre-sale prices.

This way, you won’t waste any time in making a beeline for your options, plus you’ll be primed to recognise a good deal when you see it.

Always shop around to find the best price, remembering that you might be able to find the same blender cheaper elsewhere.

What Black Friday deals were there on blenders and mixers last year?

Numerous top retailers had fantastic discounts in the 2020 Black Friday sale.

Here are some of the best, to give you an idea of what to expect this November.

Looking for inspiration? Check out the following articles:

NutriBullet Black Friday blender deals

  1. NutriBullet Balance 9 Piece with Smart Nutrition Sensor and Bluetooth Technology, £127.99 at Amazon, saving £22.50 - buy here
  2. NutriBullet 900W Blender Champagne Multi-Function Cold Beverage Smoothie Maker, now £67.99 at Amazon, saving £12 - buy here
  3. Nutribullet Starter Kit, now £39.99, saving £10 at Very - buy here

John Lewis Black Friday blender deals

  1. Kenwood kMix KMX750 Stand Mixer, £299, saving £50 - buy here
  2. Kenwood KVL6100S Chef Elite XL Stand Mixer, £474.99, saving £75
  3. Sage SBL820SHY The Q Food Blender, £299.95, saving £99.05 - buy here
  4. John Lewis & Partners Stainless Steel Vacuum Food Blender, £100, saving £30

Ninja Black Friday blender deals

  1. Food Processor with Auto-IQ, £79.99 - buy here
  2. 3-in-1 Food Processor with Auto-IQ, £129.99 - buy here

More Great Black Friday Deals

Take a look at some of the other Black Friday deals we've found around the web

Tefal Black Friday blender deals

  1. Tefal Food Processor, £89, save £60 - buy here

Kenwood Black Friday blender deals

  1. Kenwood MultiPro, £109, save £30 - buy here
  2. Kenwood kMix stand mixer, £249, save £300 - buy here 
  3. Kenwood Chef XL stand mixer, £319, save £40 - buy here

KitchenAid Black Friday blender deals

  1. KitchenAid Mini Food Processor, £75, save £24 - buy here

What are the best blenders you can buy in 2021?

It depends whether you're prioritising looks or functionality.

The Smeg retro-style BLF01 jug blender wins the style prize hands down. It’s so good-looking, you’ll want to leave it out on the kitchen counter so you can admire it every time you pass by.

For those short on cupboard space, the Bosch MaxoMixx MS8CM6160G hand blender comes with loads of nifty accessories including a small blender container, immersion blender, stainless steel balloon whisk and a handy mixing beaker.

That means it can take the place of a jug blender and electric beaters, earning its space in your cupboard – a super all-rounder to buy.

Some shoppers will just want to use the Black Friday sales to get their hands on the most expensive blender out there.

One of the poshest models around, the Sage The Super Q SBL920BSS two-litre blender, usually costs a staggering £599.

Even 20% off that price would be a chunky £120 saving, so keep a look out for an offer on that one too.

Whatever blender you're after, keep checking back on this page: we’ll be updating it regularly with some of the best blender deals we can find in the Black Friday sales.

Our tips for finding the best deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday

PREPARE Research the items you want to buy and find out the cheapest price. Websites like PriceSpy, PriceHistory and CamelCamelCamel will give you historical data on prices so you can see how much you should pay.

CHECK FOR CODES Take a look at The Sun Vouchers, and see if you can get extra savings with discount codes.

Discover more about Black Friday and where to find all the best deals in our Black Friday explainer.

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Or if you're interested in using your kitchen waste in an eco-friendly way, read our story on the best compost bins.

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