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Birth Chart: What does the 9th house represent?


IF your zodiac sign is in the 9th house, prepare for physical and intellectual exploration.

The ninth house in a birth chart has everything to do with higher education, philosophy and travel within one's horoscope.

What does the 9th house represent in your birth chart?

Those born with planets aligned with the 9th house are curious and adventurous.

They are open to new perspectives and are willing to travel in order to embrace new people and experiences that may welcome these fresh ideas.

Which sign corresponds to the 9th house?

The 9th house is guided by Sagittarius energy and ruled by the planet Jupiter.

Sagittarius are born between November 22 and December 21 and are known to be wise and hungry for knowledge.

They are constantly in search for the true meaning of their existence through world exploration.

They must beware, however, of the overextension of the ego along their travels and must control their constant need for more.

What should I expect if my sign is in the 9th house?

There are different houses in each birth chart and not all twelve houses will be represented in your specific chart.

Here are a few signs and what the 9th House brings to them:

The 9th House in Leo: While travel is prominent, careful not to be reckless and make sure to always ask for help along your way - it will help you tame the ego and grow as a result.

The 9th House in Aquarius: Curiosity is your friend. It helps you make friends with people from whom you can learn important knowledge and skills from. You will see progress as a result of passion. Just make sure not to become jealous or clingy of others around you during this time.

The 9th House in Cancer: Do not let your own mind stand in the way of you and your goals. Allow your emotions to shine through and be yourself - others will gravitate towards you.

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