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‘Bionic’ woman, 31, ‘upgrades’ her body with house keys, magnets and strobe lights implanted in her skin

A TECH geek has implanted house keys and LED lights into her skin in a bid to "upgrade" her body.

Winter Mraz, 31, began augmenting herself after she suffered a serious car crash in the United States that fractured her back, both her ankles and knees.

Winter, who works as an engineer in Liverpool, revealed that she had so many implants following the accident that she decided to take them to the next level.

"One of my kneecaps is medically 3D printed. That's an implant," she told Good Morning Britain on Friday.

"I have the contraceptive implant, which nobody blinks an eye at."

Following years of surgeries, Winter decided to pay for implants that would get rid of some of the worries of everyday life.

They include a microchip left hand that opens her front door, like the chip in a workplace security card.

A second microchip in her right hand stores a computerised version of her business card which she can send to people's phones.

Winter also had magnets implanted into her fingertips.

The American engineer said these allowed her to sense electromagnetic fields at work, which helped her avoid touching live wires.

"My implants are proactive versus reactive," she told GMB.

"Instead of waiting until something negative happens to me and then fixing it medically, I can now get rid of some of the worries I might have.

"Like, 'have I forgot my keys?' I can't forget my keys, they're in my hand."

Not all of Winter's augmentations are practical, though.

She also has two flashing LED lights implanted in her forearms. They glow when she passes a magnet over them.

Winter told the BBC in October that she got them "because they are sparkly and I'm a magpie. I like things that light up."

Winter is one of a growing number of people who call themselves "transhumanists".

They believe they're the pioneers of a new future in which all humans are welded with machines to make them faster, or more intelligent.

For now, the minor upgrades are little more than fun gimmicks.

However, some believe the Sci-Fi body enhancements could one day eradicate diseases and disabilities.

Winter said: "I think saying that you should not alter your body and you should not change your body is a very ableist way to go about living.

"People who are disabled don't have that choice. It is made for us."

‘Transhumanist’ insists biggest threat to people in future is criminals ‘hacking’ into our robot organs

In other news, one transhumanist revealed in May that he believes people will one day "download" versions of themselves.

Silicon Valley geeks are allegedly attempting to turn their kids into "cyborgs" that can detect liars and even force themselves to feel happy.

Silicon Valley is even undertaking a quest for immortality – with cell injections, magnetic chairs and brain implants.

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