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Binge-drinking bully attacked partner three days in a row

A MAN assaulted his partner on three consecutive days during a drinking binge.

Blackburn magistrates heard David Lee Tucker claimed he had no recollection of the incidents but accepted his guilt.

H also accepted assaulting her again on Monday after another all-night drinking session when he was already on bail for the earlier offences.

Tucker, 51, of Langdale Road, Feniscowles, pleaded guilty to four charges of assault. He was jailed for a total of 16 weeks and ordered to pay £128 victim surcharge on release. He was also made subject to a restraining order for two years which prohibits him having any contact with the aggrieved.

Scott Parker, prosecuting, said the first three offences were committed on December 28, 29 and 30 and Tucker had been drinking constantly throughout the period.

He and his estranged partner were living separately in the same house and on each occasion she had gone to bed to try to put some distance between them but he followed and after verbally abusing her grabbed her by her hair or her arms.

On one occasion he grabbed at her and his fingers gripped her face, one of the going into her eye and bruising the lid.

On Monday she returned home after working a night shift and went straight to bed. He had been drinking all night and came up and woke her. He started to talk and then grabbed her by the hair and started throwing her head around.

"She shouted at him to get off but he would not stop and dug his nails into her neck.

Gareth Price, defending, said they had been together as a couple for over 20 years and throughout that time he had been in full-time work.

"When he was busy and gainfully employed he was able to cope with his alcohol and mental health issues," said Mr Price.

"Over time those problems created issues in his relationship and his employment. Shortly before Christmas his employer ran out of patience and terminated his employment."

Mr Price said his client was left with no sense of purpose and accepted he had started to drink excessively.

"As he said to the police he couldn't remember what happened because he was drunk," said Mr Price. "He says he has never committed a criminal offence when he has been sober."

Mr Price said alcohol was a recurring problem in his family history and Tucker realised he had to do something about it.

"He has been in touch with Inspire and Alcoholics Anonymous and is in regular contact with the Samaritans and Minds Matter," said Mr Price. "He has insight into his offending and is trying to address it."

Passing sentence the chairman of the magistrates said Tucker had been given two previous suspended sentences for assaults on the same victim and still the assaults continued.

"You say you remembered nothing about them because you were drunk but that is no excuse," he added.

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