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Biker from Silsden had been eating cannabis cookies before overtaking an unmarked police car at speed

Rhys Harker Shimmin, 25, of Aire View, Silsden, had only just got his Yamaha WR 450 motorbike back after it had been stolen when he rode it out just before mid-day on November 22 last year, Skipton magistrates were told on Friday.

He pleaded guilty to using a motor vehicle when over the drug-drive limit.

Prosecuting. Nadine Clough said Harker Shimmin had come to the attention of police in Skipton Road, Eastburn, not far from Airedale hospital, because he overtook an unmarked police car at speeds of 50 and 60mph in a 30mph zone.

He was stopped by the officers after a short distance.

She said the defendant registered negative for alcohol at the roadside but a drug swipe proved positive for cannabis. He was taken to the police station where a blood test showed there was 5.2 microgrammes of the drug in his system. The specified limit is two microgrammes.

Defending, Keith Blackwell said his client was embarrassed by the error he made and was very regretful.

“He knows it was foolish but was not aware how long it remained in the body,” said Mr Blackwell.

He added that his client had taken some cannabis in the form of ‘cookies’ two days earlier because he suffered from depression.

“He has ‘flirted’ with cannabis in the past but he had not had any that day or even the day before. People don’t realise now long it stays in the body. The fact the drug was in cookies made it hard to legislate how much he was taking,” Mr Blackwell said.

Mr Blackwell said Harker Shimmin had just got his bike back after it had been stolen and needed some repairs. It was the first time he rode it and was properly insured to do so.

“He came up behind a slower moving car and decided to overtake. He didn’t realise he was overtaking an unmarked police car and pulled up straight away when they put their blue lights on,” Mr Blackwell added.

Magistrates disqualified Harker Shimmin for 12 months and ordered he pay a fine of £120, costs of £85 and a surcharge of £34.

The defendant, who only recently obtained his car driving licence, was told it was up to DVLA whether he would have to retake his driving test.

A separate charge of exceeding the 30mph limit on the restricted road was withdrawn as it formed part of the prosecution for the first charge.

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