Now that winter is upon us, relaxing in the garden might not seem like the greatest idea - however, if you had enough room for all of your comforts maybe it might.

With many of us still working from home and companies more inclined to consider remote working strategies, some people are opting to transforming their gardens into practical working spaces.

Now, getting into the nitty gritty, garden pods are the new smart spaces, pricier than your traditional outhouse or garden seating area; but with a range of cool features. They come in many forms and can be multi functional, depending on what you'll be using the space for.

The price point for garden pods can get steep, with prices starting at around £2,000, but easily able to exceed £10,000. For these kinds of prices you can expect a fully bespoke pod, with everything to your taste and needs.

At a glance, popular options are Farmer's Cottage Pods available at John Lewis and Ornate Garden's unique Wheel Bench.

We've rounded up the best of the bunch for every budget below.

Best garden pods to transform your outdoor space

The Mercia Log Cabin is one of the best deals we found on the internet in terms of budget. At under £2000, the 3m x 2.5m cabin is a complete steal.

The stylish, practical and high-quality outdoor retreat comes equipped with single-glazed safety windows and a large door to let plenty of natural light in.

You're free to decorate the cabin as you choose as it comes plain, it's suitable for staining, painting or leaving in it's raw wooden state. It's a quick self-assembly that requires only two people for set up.

Price: £1049.99, Robert Dyas - buy here now

Ornate Garden The Wheel Bench

Offering a unique blend of garden seating and a cover safe lounger, these pods are a great idea for every garden, they can even be rotated to make the most of shade on a hot day or to protect from wind on a colder day.

The stylish waterproof interiors feature two benches and a table, which can hold up to six people. There timber-clad frames and a stainless steel roof offers useful shade and helps to reflect heat.

Price: £3495, Ornate Garden - buy here now

Farmer's Cottage 7 Seater Rotating Garden Pod

This luxury outdoor pod from Farmer's Cottage is one we'd recommend if you're looking for someone to unwind and relax.

The rotating sphere seater can hold up to seven people and features a rotating function to position the entrance into the sun or shade. It also comes with a canopy to shield yourself and guests from the outside weather.

Acrylic windows give you stunning panoramic views of the outdoors and a stainless steel roof helps to keep temperatures nice and comfortable inside.

Price: £7999, John Lewis - buy here now

Pod Space Neo Pod

Your outdoor haven starts here, the super sleek Neo Pods from Pod Space are fantastic if you're considering setting up an office, studio or relaxing space.

The contemporary exterior opens to reveal a spacious and comfortable space. Everything is fully customisable to suit the location and your needs.

There are also foundation and groundworks packages available.

Price: From: £17000, Pod Space - buy here now

Crane Garden Buildings 3 x 3m Garden Studio

The studio is made in the UK from high-grade FSC-certified northern Scandinavian redwood. It is fully insulated and lined, and the exterior is coated in a choice of four colour options.

It's 3x3m giving you plenty of room for comforts.

Price: £8499, John Lewis - buy here now

Garden Hideouts’ pods look sleek and have stylish profiles to suit any outdoor setting. It's pricey, but it's one well worth a mention if you're looking for ready-made luxury.

They come equipped with double glazing and thermal insulation and are made from super durable plywood. There are five interior settings to choose from to find the perfect option for your needs.

There's other great qualities to mention including solar panels, outdoor decking suitable for seating and indoor seating that coverts to a sleeping area.

Price: From: £21600, Garden Hideouts - buy here now  

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