The last year has brought untold stresses for thousands of people, and we’ve had to adapt to a new way of working as well as worrying about our health and that of our loved ones.

It’s no surprise then, that many of us are turning to technology to help us unwind. The best gadgets to help you de-stress and relax at home can do everything from helping you to get a better sleep to boosting your mood with aromatherapy and oils.

Stress can wreak havoc with our mental and physical wellbeing, causing anxiety and affecting our sleep. However, there are things you can do and buy to help control it. According to On Buy, there were 105,000 searches for air quality monitors, and 13,200 searches for mist diffusers in the last year to help de-stress.

We've rounded up the best nifty gadgets below to help you relax at home.

Best gadgets to help you de-stress and relax at home

This bestselling massage roller ball is a great gadget to help de-stress by using multidirectional movements to promote relaxation and release muscle stress points.

The compact size makes it really easy to use, and you simply press on any desired muscle, from calves to neck, and roll it back and forth.

Price: £8.49, Amazon - buy here now

De-stress and unwind at the touch of a button with this aromatherapy diffuser pod.

It releases a scented vapour into the atmosphere to boost your wellbeing and stimulate your senses.

You can choose which Neom essential oils to pair with the pod depending on your wellbeing needs, to help achieve better sleep, lift your mood, or a stress-reliever. It works to humidify the air around you and comes with LED lights to create a lovely relaxing atmosphere.

Price: £90, Look Fantastic - buy here now

This ergonomically-designed facial massager comes with an adjustable elastic band to fit any head.  It comes with two integrated speakers so you can relax with background music while you enjoy a thermal massage.

It also has air pressure massage and a vibrating revitaliser to relax your facial muscles, stimulate blood circulation, relax muscle tension, and help you mentally unwind. A lovely way to enjoy some me-time.

Price: £119.99, Globarelax - buy here now

Trouble sleeping? Create a magical and relaxing atmosphere with this de-stressing gadget that uses sound and light to help you unwind.

Project a starry night sky or realistic aurora borealis onto the ceiling to help you drift off. There's also six soothing relaxation sounds, including white noise and ocean waves, to lull you to sleep, and a Bluetooth speaker if you prefer to listen to relaxing music through your phone.a You can also set a timer so that it turns off automatically if you do start snoozing.

One fan said: "I've been having trouble sleeping and was hoping that this would help. Lucky for me it works very well. Not only does this light projector, with one of the sounds on, help me fall asleep, I'm also having a much calmer and relaxed sleep."

Price: £24.95, Amazon -  buy here now

This versatile gadget to help you de-stress can be used as a calming, ambient night light to help you drift off. It's also compatible with most Bluetooth devices so you can listen to your favourite music or the Calm app through this speaker.

You can simply touch it to adjust the light, and it can offer relaxing light while you're working to help you feel less stressed too.

One customer said: "Great product. I wanted a night lamp as I find sleeping easier with some relaxing light and this lamp does exactly that. Great variation of colours and it emits a lot of light, which you can dim. Also the speaker is really good, I was quite surprised by how good the sound quality was."

Price: £19.99, Amazon - buy here now

Office working has become a thing of the past for many people who now work from home, and data suggests people tend to work harder and longer hours whilst at home. Perhaps this is the reason why there were 9,900 Google searches for kneading massagers as the long hours of working at the desk can lead to many back issues.

Coming in a U-design to recreate the touch of a masseuse, this de-stressing gadget has eight deep tissue kneading nodes to give your neck and shoulders  pain relief. We often hold tension in the neck area, and the heating on the massage rollers will give it warmth and improve your blood circulation while relaxing tense muscles.

The 3D rotating massage nodes is designed to simulate real human hands, providing you a deep kneading effect that massages muscles thoroughly.

The heat function can be turned on or off, and the design means that you can also use it on your back, waist and legs.

Price: £46.99, Amazon - buy here now

Not the most techy gadget on the list, however it's certainly one of the most relaxing.

The metal fingers with rubber beads over each spindle glide over your scalp producing a euphoric feeling every time you use it. It's great for people with anxiety and sleep problems, and helps relieve migraines and headaches.

What's more, the scalp massager stimulates the scalp nerve endings and the head acupuncture point, facilitating blood circulation and helping to eliminate fatigue. The tingling sensations will aid in taking you to a relaxed, calming place. If your partner's feeling generous, they'll do it for you and you can enjoy total tranquility. But you may owe them a go in return...

Price: £15.99, Amazon - buy here now

Okay, not specifically designed for de-stressing per se, however a Kindle is a fantastic gadget to help you unwind and makes a great investment.

Simply switching off from work and taking time to indulge in a relaxing hobby or passion like reading can do wonders for your wellbeing, and boost your mood. You can choose from over five million books in the Kindle store, and you can also connect wireless headphones to listen to audiobooks. And, because it's portable, you can take your relaxing gadget with you anywhere you go, whether it's on the train or on holiday.

Price: £119, Amazon - buy here now