Fed up of that pesky peach-fuzz hair on your face? Want a smoother finish and an anti-ageing treatment in one? It's time to introduce dermaplaning to your skincare regime.

So what exactly is it? "Dermaplaning is a hugely popular, quick and pain-free deep facial exfoliating treatment that uses a surgical blade to remove the outermost layer of skin,' says Kate Robinson, founder of Enhance Skincare Cheshire. "It is safe for most skin types, with very little side effects."

And what are the benefits of dermaplaning? "Along with facial fuzz (called vellus hair), the process removes three to four weeks of dead skin cells and buildup of dirt and oils in the hair follicles.

"This allows for improved topical absorption (meaning your skincare products can work at optimum efficiency) and allows for smoother makeup application. It also triggers the cell regeneration process, prevents breakouts, reduces the appearance of large pores, and leaves a brighter, tighter complexion."

Kate adds: "The procedure doesn’t require any downtime, making it extremely convenient, and contrary to what some believe, your facial hair will not grow back thicker!"

Dermaplaning is best done with a qualified therapist once a month, but if that's not possible there's a number of tools you can use to give it a whirl at home. Say hello to a fuzz-free future and a clearer complexion...

Best dermaplaning tools to help you defuzz

Hollywood Browzer

Ditch the fuzz and get a super-smooth complexion with this dermaplaning tool, which also works to shape your brows to perfection too.

The stainless steel coated blade has safety guards on both sides so you won't cut or irritate your skin. Ditch the tweezers, razors and epilators and get painless hair removal for a more youthful look.

One Amazon user wrote: "Brilliant, I used it to remove a layer of dead skin, but, added bonus, it got rid of peach fuzz which never really bothered me - or so I thought, but my skin is so soft now and makeup goes on so much smoother, love it."

Price: £8.95, Amazon - buy here now

Illuva Eyebrow Razors Facial Hair Remover

Not a fan of waxing, threading or shaving? These nifty little numbers will do the job for you in a gentle, painless way without pulling.

Remove ageing dead skin and fuzz as well as creating the perfect eyebrow shape in a jiffy.

One customer said: "I bought this mainly for the hope that it would remove unwanted facial hair (chin and upper lip) without great expectations, however I am extremely impressed! Ended up doing my whole face and it’s very smooth!"

Price: £3.59, Amazon - buy here now

Veet Sensitive Precision Dermaplaning Face Kit

Get glowing with this defuzzing kit that will leave you with super-soft skin.

The kit will help you gently remove dead skin cells that can block pores and leave your complexion looking dull. Immediately brighten and tighten your complexion and allow your skincare products to do their job to the best of their abilities.

It comes with an oil that you apply before using the dermaplaning tool for a comfortable process.

Price: £24.99, Amazon - buy here now

Biodegradable Eyebrow Razor Peach Fuzz Trimmer Hair Remover Dermaplaning Tool

Perfect for the eco-aware consumer, this dermaplaning tool is biodegradable and comes in a pack of three.

A percentage of each sale is donated to a non-profit organisation that helps to reduce plastic in our oceans, and this item is made with biodegradable wheat straw.

One Amazon review said: "Really happy with these little razors, they're very sharp and easy to use. Also a great bonus that they're biodegradable."

Price: £3.99, Amazon - buy here now

Lilibeth of New York Brow Shaper

This snazzy set of red dermaplaning tools will ensure your moisturisers and serums are absorbed more effectively, and give you a great blank canvas for your makeup.

As well as being great for removing fuzzy facial hair, you can also use them to shape your eyebrows, as well as apply them to removing hair on your upper lip, chin, bikini line and more.

Price: £10, LookFantastic - buy here now


If you fancy treating yourself to a flash bit of kit, this Dermaflash dermaplaner is the ticket.

Get radiant skin with this exfoliating shaving tool that improves product absorption and leaves you with a silky-soft complexion.

The kit comes with four blades, a pre-dermaplaning cleanser and a post-process moisturiser.

One happy customer said: "This is my first time dermaplaning to my face, the result is wonderful and worth the money. It leaves the skin so soft and clean. Love it."

Price: £180, Cult Beauty - buy here now

Hollywood Smoother Rose Gold

This is a great option if the blades intimidate you, as the sonic vibration gently moves the machine for you and gets rid of those pesky hairs and dead skin cells.

You'll end up with a clearer, brighter and more refined complexion, as well as improved skincare absorption. It can also be used to tidy up your hairline for a sleeker finish.

Price: £49.95, Amazon - buy here now

Wilkinson Sword Exfoliating Dermaplanning Tool

Defuzz your face with this high-quality blade with micro guards to help protect your skin.

The compact size means it's easy to take anywhere with you for any necessary travel touch-ups for your face or eyebrow shaping. One customer said: "Hardly any pressure is required, it's all about the angle! I've used it all over my face." Another said: "Skin feels really soft now."

Price: £3, Amazon - buy here now