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Beehive in Shipley offers a sweet taste of cider

THE Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) Bradford branch presented the last of its awards for 2020.

The Beehive in Shipley was officially announced as Bradford's Cider Pub of the Year 2020 last Thursday.

As the branch’s representative, Tony Constable presented the plaque to Christina Wagstaff noting that it reflects her personal dedication to real cider having previously won Cider Pub of the Year awards when she used to run Jacobs Ale & Cider House in Bradford.

It was noted that there are still only a relatively small number of pubs in the Bradford area that have a particular focus on real cider and perry but those that do provide stiff competition.

Peter Down, acting chairman of Bradford CAMRA, said: "Christina expressed a little surprise at winning the award given that the Beehive has only been running for a relatively short period of time.

Mr Down said she apologised for only being able to offer five different real ciders on the presentation evening and hoped to return to a full complement as soon as possible once easing of the current Covid-19 precautions allows.

He said: "She apologised for the lack of choice but five different ciders is still a great selection."

Since Christina took over the premises around three years ago, the Beehive has gone back to its roots.

The building was formely the Beehive Hotel before it changed hands and become the Shipley Pride pub. Then Christina made it the Beehive again.

Earlier in the week, Chris Bee, the owner of The Fox in Shipley, was presented with the Outer Bradford Pub of the Year 2020 runner-up award. Representing the branch,

Brian Mitchell, handed over the plaque to Chris.

Mr Down said: “The Fox is very popular with all who know it and there is always a good, varying selection of real ales of differing styles on offer.”

In another presentation, a special award for ‘More than 30 years in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide was presented to the Fighting Cock on Preston Road in Bradford.

Sue Turner and her team were extremely pleased to win this award as it reflects the work they have put in to maintain the pub’s consistently high standards. Kerr Kennedy presented the award on behalf of the branch.

Mr Down said: “The Fighting Cock is considered a “beer mecca" by many, being widely recognised for its ongoing dedication to real ale and cider, and has a reputation that extends far beyond Bradford’s boundaries.”

Mr Down added: “Congratulations goes to all those that have been successful in being awarded in 2020 by the CAMRA Bradford branch.

" The Pub of the Year, Cider Pub of the Year and Club of the Year competitions are based on nominations from branch members.

"To be nominated reflects the high regards that branch members have for the respective pubs. To then be successful in winning the awards, or being a runner-up, pubs have to the best of the best.

"It also gave us great pleasure to present the special awards for the two pubs that have featured for more than 30 years in the CAMRA Good Beer Guide. To have such a long track record, a pub has to maintain consistently high standards for the branch and its membership to repeatedly recommend inclusion.

"We raise a glass to all those that have been awarded: Record Café (Bradford); Salt Cellar (Saltaire); Corn Dolly (Bradford); Fox (Shipley); Beehive (Shipley); Caroline Street Social Club (Saltaire), and; Fighting Cock (Bradford).”

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