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Beauty therapist proudly shows off denim-inspired manicure online – but gets savaged by trolls for ‘dirty nails’


A BEAUTY therapist went viral after Facebook users weren't a fan of her denim-inspired manicure.

The polish with a small dark-blue tip was berated by many people who said it made her hands 'look dirty'.

Catherine Snowling, 27, from Norfolk, used Shellac polish on the nail and "denim patch" polish on the tips.

When she posted a picture of the striking design online, thousands of people on social media suggested it looked like dirt had gotten caught under her fingernails.

Unfortunately this wasn't just a few light-hearted jabs from people who didn't appreciate her design - some trolls tracked down her personal Instagram account in order to continue their critique.

The married mum-of-one said: "I've found that a lot of people hate the look, but I also found that a lot of the people within the industry are being supportive and they like the design, because they understood where I was coming from."

Catherine was initially hurt by the remarks but has since decided to brush them off.

And now, Catherine feels that she can laugh at some of the trolls.

"I just laugh about it now."

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