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Beauty salons – Brits scramble to book last-minute slots to get eyebrows done ahead of full reopening tomorrow

BRITS are scrambling to book last-minute slots to get their eyebrows done as beauty salons fully reopen tomorrow.

Boris Johnson last night gave the green light for struggling salons to resume close contact services, which were cancelled for nearly five months during the coronavirus lockdown.

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Beauty salons re-opened on July 13th and were able to offer nail appointments - but close contact services were off the menu in accordance with government health guidelines.

The last minute announcement has left Brits racing to book appointments for waxing, eyelash extensions, eyebrow threading and facials, with some added to a long waiting list.

One frustrated customer tweeted: "A waiting list of 150 people for this salon yh I’m definitely not getting my hair done before my birthday."

And another added: "Beauty salons can offer close contact services again from Saturday...why is this being announced on a Thursday night? Do they think appointments just come out of thin air".

And another said: "I pushed my eyelash extensions appointment back to September earlier today."


Some Brits have also been left confused as to whether salons can reopen in towns which have seen restrictions reintroduced after a spike in cases.

Greater Manchester, for example, has seen restrictions reintroduced after a new cluster of infections emerged across all ten of its boroughs.

One customer tweeted Mayor Andy Burnham: "Can you please confirm if beauty salons can offer close contact services (eyebrow waxing) from Saturday 15th in greater Manchester."

While another resident of Preston, which has seen new restrictions, added: "@PrestonCouncil are beauty treatments allowed to go ahead under local lockdown? I’ve waited since March to finish my treatment and if I’m wearing a mask then I think that’s fair when all other businesses are open including salons from 15th."

However, the government has confirmed that for areas in local lockdown the relaxation of the rules will not apply - meaning residents will have to wait a bit longer to make an appointment.

Beauty salons will join with casinos, bowling alleys, ice rinks, soft play centres and other services, which are all among the last to reopen after the lockdown.

It comes as scientists updated their advice to say that for all close contact services - so for eyebrows, hairdressing and massage - staff should wear a type 2 surgical mask in addition to a visor to cover the face.

This will help protect the customer and staff from respiratory droplets caused by sneezing, coughing, or speaking, the Government said.

It means the venues will have been shut for more than five months, with many of them facing serious cash-flow problems.

They were due to reopen on August 1 but the date was pushed back after local lockdowns identified more cases in the UK than had been seen in weeks.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman said earlier this week: "When we paused that section of the roadmap, I think we said it was until the end of this week at the earliest.

"We will continue to review the data and at the end of this week we will set out a decision on whether or not we are able to go ahead with the opening of those remaining sectors of the economy."

It's not yet known when nightclubs will be able to return - having been the centre of several outbreaks in other countries.

Which beauty treatments are allowed... and which ones aren't


Manicures, massages, pedicures, body waxes, simple beard trims


Facial treatments, eyebrow treatments, face threading, face sugaring or waxing, eyelash treatments, make-up application, intricate detailing or shaving of beards and moustaches, dermarolling, dermaplaning, microblading, electrolysis on the face, Advanced facial technical (electrical or mechanical), Advanced beauty therapy and aesthetic treatments

Brits were thrilled when beauty salons re-opened on July 13th following hairdressers on July 4.

But still many have been unable to have close services done - like eyebrows and facials.

This is because eyebrow and eyelash services require lots of time to be spent close to the face where splashes and droplets from the nose and mouth may be present, which can pose a hazard.

However, men have been allowed to get their beards trimmed, prompting allegations of sexism.

Masks and visors will likely have to be worn inside the salons where possible.

Mr Johnson said earlier this month that the Government must not be complacent over the threat of the virus and needed to act as the number of infections was "creeping up".

The news comes despite the fact that the UK's chief medical officer Chris Whitty warned that the UK had probably "reached the limits" of what could be reopened.

Customers have indulged in manicures and sunbed sessions since salons reopened.

We previously shared how hairdressers could charge more for overgrown roots and DIY dye fails , customers warned.

Plus here are barbers and hairdressers opening rules, everything you need to know from blowdries to facemasks.

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