A BBC newsreader who made a "brutal" comment about a mum's "clever" Halloween hack had viewers in hysterics.

Journalist Simon McCoy, 59, was talking through an American mum's solution to socially distanced trick-or-treating when he made the cheeky jibe.

Speaking over a video clip of a mum in Arkansas showing off her innovative candy shoot, Simon explained that it was ensuring sweets would be "delivered safely" this Halloween in light of the coronavirus pandemic.

He went on to say that the chute had been constructed out of PVC pipes, spray paint and connectors so that she could send Halloween treats to the kids in an entirely contactless transaction.

Fans caught him out

But as the segment came to an end it became clear that Simon was struggling to conceal his lack of enthusiasm for the invention, as his voiceover veered off.

And when the camera cut back to Simon in the BBC studio he was heard muttering the "brutal" remark: "As will be her social life".

Viewers couldn't help but laugh at his quick witted response as they took to Twitter to comment on it.

The Halloween contraption

A shocked fan wrote: "This is a brutal quip at the end of a news report by @BBCSimonMcCoy".

One also shared the clip on Twitter, writing: "God I love @BBCSimonMcCoy @BBCNews #Halloween" which prompted Simon to reply: "How kind."

Another added: "Quality. Worth the TV license alone."

A third person said: "Oh my god I knew to expect something because of your tweet, but that legitimately shocked me. So funny".

And: "Why is @BBCSimonMcCoy the best?! Seriously the only joyous thing about the news!" joked a fourth amused viewer.

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