A BARROW man who told a police officer to ‘do one’ has been fined for breaking the lockdown rules.

PC Kev Latham, a police dog handler, was driving through Ulverston yesterday afternoon when he spotted a man washing his car at a petrol station.

PC Latham quizzed the motorist and was shocked by the response.

Posting details of the incident on Twitter, PC Latham said: “Travelling through Ulverston and I see a male washing his car in a petrol station.

“When challenged, it was not his smartest move telling me to ‘do one’.

“It transpired that he had driven through to Ulverston from Barrow to walk his dog up the Hoad, with his friend who was from another household.

“He continued to not see the seriousness of his actions and so this has gone beyond words of advice from me and has been dealt with accordingly, along with his friend. #NotAHoliday #Covid19 #unbelievable.”

The government introduced new powers on Thursday to give police the authority to fine - or even arrest - those who ignore strengthened stay-at-home restrictions.