Great British Bake Off viewers have complained on social media about Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas imitating German accents.

The persistent use of fake German accents occurred despite the presence of contestant Jurgen, 56, who took part in the activities this week.

Jurgen moved to the UK 18 years ago after growing up in the Black Forest, Germany.

During the episode, contestants took part in German Week as they had to bake dishes traditionally found or originating in Germany.

Some viewers took to social media to take umbrage with the use of the accents from Noel and Matt in the episode.

Noel Fielding and Matt Lucas present German Week on The Great British Bake Off (


Channel 4)

One Great British Bake Off viewer wrote on Twitter : “Starting to find the mock German accent both irritating and inappropriate. Would this be allowed if it were another nationality? #GBBO ”

A different fan of the show wrote: “Not enjoying the faux German accent on #GBBO ”.

Meanwhile, another viewer tweeted: “How difficult would it have been to have done some research into how to say “you have 15 minutes left” in German, rather than this outdated ‘allo allo’ mock accent. Genuinely disappointing choice from Channel 4 here. #GBBO ”.

German contestant Jurgen, 56, has been doing well on The Great British Bake Off (


Channel 4)

Elsewhere, another person wrote: “Putting on a fake German accent for German week isn't funny. #GBBO ”.

However, some people felt viewers would be overreacting if they took offence, with one noting: “Imagine all the karen’s who are gonna complain about Matt Lucas doing the German accent [laughing emoji]”.

Finally, one Great British Bake Off fan concluded: “I find the whole 'immitating' German speech / accent all the time just downright distasteful."

(L-R) Noel, Matt and Paul Hollywood speak to Jurgen on The Great British Bake Off (


Channel 4)

They added: " I'd feel the same way if people were making impressions of the Welsh accent. Get over it, we don't ALL speak received pronunciation #DealWithIt#GreatBritishBakeOff#Channel4 ”.

*The Great British Bake Off continues on Tuesdays from 8pm on Channel 4 with previous episodes available on catch-up on All4.