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Bachelorette tonight LIVE– Michelle Young’s Joe Coleman ‘slid into her DMS but ghosted’ before show as Ryan’s eliminated

MICHELLE Young kicked off tonight's new season of The Bachelorette with a heated confrontation with suitor Joe Coleman.

The schoolteacher had an awkward first encounter with the fellow Minnesota native when she realized they had previously spoken before the show.

"Did I slide into your DMs," she asked as Joe had a vague smile.

He later revealed he "ghosted" her at the time due to anxiety but is in a "better place" now for a relationship.

The ex football player admitted that did “not go how he thought it would.”

Michelle Young is a 28-year-old elementary school teacher who was a contestant on Matt James’ season of The Bachelor.

Her own journey to find love among 32 potential suitors will begin on season 18 of The Bachelorette.

As a first in Bachelor history, two seasons of The Bachelorette are falling back-to-back, with Young looking for love only a few months after season 17's Katie Thurston.

Clayton Echard is one of the men looking to win Michelle's heart this season, and he is rumored to have already been selected as the next Bachelor.

The former NFL player will be introduced to fans this season.

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    Michelle handed out the highly-coveted first impression rose - which only gets handed out once per season.

    The Bachelorette handed out her first impression rose to Nayte and immediately after being handed the flower, the pair kissed.

    She had her first kiss of the season and the two continued to have a passionate make out session.


    Despite being upset over Ryan's "here for the wrong reasons" behavior, Michelle announced to the group they will resume with their cocktail party.

    The former basketball player connected with several of the men as the evening went on.

    Many of the men confessed to "already feeling a connection" with the brunette beauty.


    The Minnesota schoolteacher was NOT playing around when it came to Ryan who was potentially here for the wrong reasons.

    The stack of papers included detailed notes about the show, Michelle and how to act on TV.

    In addition, he had his exes write "reviews" for him on ways he could improve in a relationship.

    Michelle was furious, and told him: "I'm not okay starting a relationship on red flags.

    "You need to trust my feelings. So I'm going to walk you out now."

    When Ryan tried to beg his way to stay, he failed and was eliminated.


    Michelle confronts Ryan about the notebook he brought of "how to get a good edit" and "how to NOT become the villain" on the show.

    Attempting to defend his behavior, Ryan said: "To be honest, I have no knowledge of The Bachelor. I have no knowledge of the show or you."

    "But your notes were not about me, they were about the show," she said before demanding to see the evidence.

  • EAT UP!

    Rick continued his sting of being underneath a silver food platter by hiding his body inside of a catering table.

    During a unique first one-on-one chat, Michelle sat on the couch while Rick stayed behind the tablecloth.


    Michelle chatted with Joe - where he admitted that he "could have handled" their communication better when they previously DMed on Instagram.

    Joe blamed his "ghosting" on his anxiety during the George Floyd racial protests as he owns a business in the area where protests took place.

    While Michelle admitted she "understands" as a Black woman who lives in the area, she is hesitant that he "might shut down again."


    Michelle made her first official toast of the evening to her group of men after all the suitors arrived to the Indian Wells resort.

    She told the group: "Tonight marks the start of a journey to find love. I was very fortunate to have a great example of love in front of me.

    "My parents have been married for 32 years and they still are madly in love. When you're in your position, you can feel some pretty good things when you're authentic and stay true to yourself.

    "Show me your authentic self because that is what you will always get from me."


    Michelle revealed to Kaitlyn and Tayshia that not only did she speak to Joe before the show, but he left her on read.

    "We messaged each other back and fourth for a bit about basketball but then he ghosted me," she admitted.

    However, she said she is "still happy" to see him and see where things go.


    Including being from the same area of Minnesota, the pair may even potentially know each other.

    "Why can't I place you? Have we met before?" Michelle asked as he walked up to her.

    "We'll see," he replied vaguely with a smirk as he walked away.

    She then appeared to have a lightbulb moment, and asked: "Did I slide into your DM's?!'

    Joe smiled and appeared to walk back before it cut to commercial break.


    Michelle met future Bachelor Clayton Echard for the first time and he immediately brought up that, like her, his mom is also a teacher.

    He then pulled out a ruler and asked Michelle to spank him.

    She appeared to be a little uncomfortable with the request and awkwardly tapped Clayton's butt.

    Clayton admitted that did "not go how he thought it would."


    Michelle made her Bachelorette debut in a gorgeous sparkling gold and silver dress.

    As she stepped out of the limo, hosts Kaitlyn and Michelle's jaws were on the floor by the beautiful Bachelorette.

    Michelle said that she "wants to feel hopeful multiple relationships" by the end of the evening.


    Fans slammed the folder from Ryan's scene that said "the Bachlorette" instead of the "Bachelorette."

    While some Twitter users blamed the show as they believed the scene was "staged," others blamed Ryan.


    Tayshia and Kaitlyn admitted to feeling "uncomfortable" when they came across a stack of controversial papers from one of the contestants, Ryan.

    According to the co-hosts, the papers said things along the lines of "how to get more screen time," "how to become the next Bachelor" and "how to get a good edit."

    The pair were shocked by the findings and the apparent situation that someone is here for the wrong reasons.


    Co-hosts and former Bachelorette's Tayshia Adams and Kaitlyn Bristowe "vetted" the contestants before they made their official limo entrance.

    The ladies decided to go through the men's suitcases, dressers, and other personal belongings.

    The duo claimed they were "doing Michelle a favor" by sniffing out "anything bad" before they meet the leading lady.


    Fans finally got a glimpse into Clayton Echard - the show's next Bachelor.

    Despite not appearing on screens yet, he was chosen as the next lead by ABC over the Summer.

    The former athlete gushed about Michelle in his intro package, saying: "I’m so excited to meet Michelle.

    "She’s a former D1 athlete and I’m a football player myself so we definitely connect there.

    "My mom’s a teacher, Michelle is a teacher. I think we’d be a great match!"


    Just minutes into her Bachelorette premiere, fans are thrilled with Michelle's performance.


    Michelle sought advice from her parents - whom she is very close with- before becoming The Bachelorette.

    Her mom gave her little girl advice, insisting to her daughter: "You need to find someone like your dad. I mean it, he's the best."

    "Whatever you decide, we trust you. We're behind you 100%," her dad said in a supportive message.


    Minnesota schoolteacher Michelle Young opened up her Bachelorette season in the classroom.

    She gave a math lesson to a group of about five students - and admitted to her pupils she will have to be "kissing" about 30 men soon.

    While the kids were surprised by her potential amount of boyfriends, they were supportive of Miss Young becoming Mrs. Young.