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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay admits she’s ‘living apart’ from husband Bryan Abasolo just one year after dream wedding

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay confirmed that she's living apart from husband Bryan Abasolo – just one year after their dream wedding.

The couple have a bicoastal relationship as the 2017 Bachelorette works on her career in Los Angeles while Bryan, 40, runs his chiropractor business in Miami.

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"I didn't move to LA because I just love the city," Rachel, 35, told her husband on his Dr Abs Healthcast podcast.

"You're focusing on your practice and building it to a place you want it to be.

"I am here in LA working for Extra and doing other things, and we're doing this to eventually bring ourselves together."

The newlyweds emphasized that they don't plan on living apart forever, however, after tying the knot at Mexico's Royalton Suites Cancun last August.

"We know where we're going, we know where we're headed, and we know what we're trying to build as Abasolos," said Rachel.

"I can see from the outside looking in how it's like, 'Wow, when Rachel was on the show she talked about not wanting to put her career over her husband.'

"But the thing is, I'm not putting my career over my husband. I'm putting my family first. Part of that is putting us in a position to succeed and put our family in the best position."

Bryan said he was happy for Rachel "to do [her] thing" in California while he ran his Florida business, noting: "You're killing it right now, and I love it."

The couple isolated together during the coronavirus pandemic, however.

Speaking to People magazine last month, the attorney-turned-TV host said the ordeal brought them closer despite the marital bickering.

"We're really great friends, whether we're watching sporting events together, or we're having a detailed conversation about what's happening in the country," Rachel said.

"The foundation of our relationship is friends, and I think that having this time in quarantine was beautiful for us because we really got to connect again and spend every day together.

"We've definitely grown close together because we're planning a future.

"We're starting to have those conversations about where do we plant roots and having children and what's the timeline for that."

Meanwhile, more Bachelorette drama emerged in September when Rachel's pal Becca Kufrin split from fiance Garrett Yrigoyen.

Rachel told People that Becca is "doing great" and "really just taking this time right now to center herself."

Becca confirmed her split from Garrett, who proposed to her at the finale of The Bachelorette season 14, on podcast The Bachelor Happy Hour.

Rachel, who is close with Becca, has shared that her pal is "doing the best she can" under the circumstances.

She said: "There's no denying that it's hard when you dedicate two years of your life to someone and think you're going to spend forever with them and it doesn't work out, but I think she's doing the best that she can be."

The pair called it quits after two years together, reportedly because of Garrett expressed his appreciation for the "thin blue line" amid widespread civil unrest, while Becca backed the Black Lives Matter protests.

Earlier this year, Rachel – the only black bachelorette across the series' 18 years – slammed the ABC franchise for casting its first black Bachelor, Matt James, as a "knee-jerk reaction."

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay says it’s ‘embarrassing to be affiliated’ with ‘white-washed’ show

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