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Bachelor In Paradise’s Kendall Long sobs to Joe Amabile & QUITS as she admits ex’s romance with Serena Pitt is ‘torture’

BACHELOR In Paradise’s Kendall Long sobbed to Joe Amabile and then QUIT the show as she admitted her ex’s romance with Serena Pitt was “torture.”

The former couple got into an emotional conversation as the California girl cried she “still loves” her ex boyfriend and still believed he was “her person.”

As Kendall, 30, watched Joe, 35, fall in love with Serena, 23, she began to break down watching their relationship turn into something more serious. 

She appeared to finally had enough and pulled Grocery Store Joe aside for a private chat on one of the resort’s oceanside daybed. 

“Being back here has brought back a lot. And I love you and I will always love you,” she told Joe. 

Kendall continued: “I still feel like you are my best friend, you know? I love watching you thriving and laughing but it reminds me of why I fell in love with you. And it’s hard to see that.”

A serious-looking Joe then asked: “So you’re not over us?”

“Don’t ask me that right now. I never stopped loving you obviously.” 

She then began to fully sob and Joe comforted her with a sweet hug, rubbing her back and surfing words, such as: “This is why I’m here for you. I know you and I can see that something was up.”

“I just feel like I shouldn’t have come here,” she responded to her ex in tears. 

However, he assured her: “It’s alright. I know you’re going to be okay.”

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Joe then inquired “why is she here” and Kendall said “I feel like we came here for the same reasons. I mean, why did you come here?”

He let out a long sigh and said “to be honest, the reason I came back out here is because I knew it was over between us.

“And if I didn’t feel that I wouldn’t have come. I also was under the impression you felt the same way. I’m always going to care about you and I’m always here for you.”

“You’ll be alright,” Joe once again assured but she responded as she walked away “well, it is what it is.”

She walked away from the beach while telling her friends Becca Kufrin and Tia Booth on the way out: “It’s been torturous watching them.”

Kendall got into the waiting SUV and wasn’t able to talk, admitting she “needed a second” as she sobbed. 

“This is devastating. Joe is my person and I feel absolutely broken. This is the hardest thing I’ve ever had to go through,” she told the cameras. 

In last week's episode, the duo got into an explosive confrontation as they came face-to-face following their emotional split on the same Mexican beach they fell in love at two years ago. 

She shocked her ex the week prior as she arrived unexpectedly to Bachelor In Paradise.

Kendall told Joe: “I’m surprised you’re this okay.”

Joe appeared frustrated and replied: “I thought I was going to be good but I forgot this is the place Kendall and I fell in love. So a few hours in, I almost left. But then I stayed.”

Kendall then admitted she still loves Joe and came back to the show to “win him back.” 

She gushed: “It’s difficult for me to not have you as a part of my life. You’re a huge part of my life and it’s hard to not have that. 

“I’ve tried to move on but it doesn’t feel right. And it’s hard to. The reason we broke up was not because we didn’t love each other, it was because of logistics.” 

In a confessional, she added: “I still have love for Joe and I hope he has love for me.”

Bachelor In Paradise star Joe Amabile's ex Kendall Long 'still loves and misses him' as she joins show to 'win him back'

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