Little Rowland Spencer arrived in the world by the light of the torch on his dad’s mobile phone.

The 8lb youngster was born during a power cut, taking mum Emma Lewis and dad Chris Spencer by surprise.

The couple had planned a home birth but Rowland – their third child – arrived four days earlier than expected.

Beautician Emma told how she woke late at night when her waters broke.

She said: “I managed to get to the loo and the lights flickered and then went off.

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Chris and Emma with tot Rowland
Chris and Emma with tot Rowland

“I told Chris he’d have to talk to the midwife, as I was in too much agony.

"She said I would have to go to hospital but I knew I could not make it in time.”

Production manager Chris was ­frantically trying to call an ambulance but the couple’s wi-fi had also cut out.

When Emma, 34, shouted, that the head was out, 38-year-old Chris switched on his phone torch and also used Emma’s device to light the lounge.

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Dazzler Rowland is the pair’s third child
Dazzler Rowland is the pair’s third child

Rowland was born with the umbilical cord around his neck but Emma managed to free him.

A midwife arrived at the couple’s home, in Little Neston, Wirral, eight minutes later.

Emma said: “I was strangely calm through-out. Poor Chris is still traumatised.”