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The baby-faced murderer called his mother after killing a teenager.

A drug dealer with a baby face made one unexpected call to his mother after killing a teenager.

Kisharne Campbell, 24,shot Kimani Martinwith a shotgun at Tividale in the West Midlands early last June 20th.

That morning, an act of revenge for an 18-year-old boy robbing him, but a drug dealer called her mother while she was standing with a police officer.Court I heard.

Initially, police found his phone and gold chain (showing the street name "KASH") next to an unidentified shot victim in the backseat of a taxi on Dudley Road. Later, there was reason to believe he died East,Birmingham Live Report

Then they contacted their cell phone number. Campbell's mother attended the station late that morning and her son was injured or, worse, died.

Kimani Martin was shot dead(


West Midlands Police)

At a major breakthrough in the investigation, Campbell said he was robbed and stuffed into his car boots while his mother was still in the police. I called my mother.

It was quickly revealed that the robber he spoke to was Mr Martin, who was taken to the hospital where he was sentenced to dead.

At that moment, Campbell became the main suspect in the murder.

Campbell, whose address has not been determined, was finally convicted of murder after a trial in the Crown Court of Birmingham.

The jury said Kimani Martin and his two companions, about an hour before the shooting, with Campbell driving Volvo and intending to buy cocaine for cracks and sell it. I was told that I went to pick him up.

But at some point, Martin turned his table and stole his phone and chain. And it was then recovered next to his body on his own bullet.

Atif Khan (


West Midlands Police)
Usman Amjad (


West Midlands Police)

Initially, he and his two friends fled Volvo on Tudor Road, Oldbury, to a taxi. I jumped in and came back. To Birmingham.

Meanwhile, Campbell did not waste time planning immediate retaliation. He recruited his accomplices Atif Khan and Usman Amjad, procured a shotgun, and jumped on the stolen Volkswagen Golf.

In less than an hour, they tracked a taxi and the hunt was successful.

Campbell set firewithin 3 meters and blew upMartin's head.

The two companions of the victim were also on a private hire, but fled the scene and have not yet been identified.

West Midlands Policeinvestigator Jim Colclough explained how the investigation evolved rapidly.

"We police were in contact that morning without identifying the person in the car or the deceased who was taken to the hospital," he said.

"He was found behind a taxi with a phone and a gold chain. The gold chain is named KASH and the phone is the phone that called the taxi. We. Made some checks and found that the phone was likely to belong to Campbell.

"Therefore, even if the victim was not one of the victims' companions. , I talked to my mother thinking he might have been in the car. Did he get hurt?

"We made him a potential victim of this incident. He began rolling the ball in an attempt to identify him as. Eventually, he spoke to his mother, he himself was the victim of the robbery, those items were stolen, and he became the first suspect in the murder.

At the beginning of the case, prosecutor Edward Brown QC elaborated on the phone call that Campbell's mother received. He states: "While I was with the police, at 11:00 am she actually called from her son using an anonymous number.

" The policeman with her hears the man's voice. I was able to, but the conversation was only on the side of his mother, but she then accused Kisharung Campbell, who was robbed of him and put his car (black Volvo) boots in his jewelry. I was able to find out what he said he had, money, phone, car theft. He went on to say that the people who kidnapped him threw him out of the car and drove him away. "

Tipton, Park Lane East, 25-year-old Khan was convicted of the murder of driving a stolen golf. Campbell fired a shotgun from there. 22-year-old Amjad, whose address has not been determined, is a passenger in a vehicle and was convicted of manslaughter. They, along with Campbell, will be sentenced on Wednesday, June 29th.

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