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Aurora, Hunter and Oliver are among the names parents most regret giving their kids

HUNTER and Aurora are among the names parents most regret giving their children, admitting they thought of a better choice later. 

Naming your child is one of the important decisions you’ll make as a parent, but nearly three-quarters of Brits - 73 per cent - changed their mind after deciding on a name. 

Some 64 per cent of mums and dads said this was because they later realised the name they picked didn’t suit their child, while nearly half, 48 per cent, disliked the choice as their partner picked it. 

Other reasons for later hating a name is a friend or celebrity choosing the same one, while bullying at school was also a factor. 

The name picking team at asked nearly 6,000 Brits what names they regretted, and for girls Aurora came on top, with 35 per cent of mums changing their mind. 

In second place was Arabella with 32 per cent of the vote, followed by Lyla, with 28 per cent of new mums disliking it. 

Most regretted boys’ names

Also in the top ten was Amber, Harriet, Summer and Delilah. 

For boys, the most-regretted name choice was Hunter, with 32 per cent of parents falling out of love with it. 

Next was Jaxon, which 29 per cent of mums later hated, while in third place was Carter with 28 per cent of the vote. 

Also in the top ten was Sonny, Felix, Jasper and Dexter. 

Most regretted girls’ names

Gigacalculator noted: “The most surprising entry on the list is the official most popular boys name (according to latest data!), Oliver, with 24% of parents saying they regret naming their son that, presumably due to the popularity of it.

“Beware naming your daughter after popular pop songs too! 

“Taking inspiration from Oasis and the Arctic Monkeys, Lyla and Arabella are among the top three names parents most regret, at 32% and 28% respectively.”

Parents were also asked which names they’d steer clear of, with Boris, Donald and Manson the top choices for boys, while Karen, Isis and Meghan was a no-go for girls.

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