Ashley Cain and partner Safiyya Vorajee had to make a trip back to the hospital with their daughter Azaylia after the tot started crying blood during the night.

The brave couple have been documenting their nine-month-old daughter's tough battle with leukaemia on social media and last week revealed that doctors gave Azaylia "days to live" after they discovered more tumours in her body.

The former Ex on the Beach star and his partner made the decision to leave hospital with Azaylia to spend time at home, but she's had to return to the hospital for a second time after taking a turn for the worse.

As Azaylia had to have another blood transfusion, the tot's emotional mum Safiyya took to Instagram to update her followers on the family's latest trip to hospital.

She said: "We've come back in to the hospital to get Azaylia another platelet transfusion because last night the tears started having blood in them, so we just needed more platelets for her."

Safiyya Voragee updates her followers on her baby daughter's latest developments
Safiyya Voragee updates her followers on her baby daughter's latest developments

Safiyya panned the camera around so that Ashley can be seen dancing slowly with Azaylia, while she is hooked up to her lifesaving intravenous drip.

She continued: "She's dancing with her daddy now."

The proud mother then taps the intravenous bottle, which is feeding medication to her daughter and says with a wry smile: "This is our saviour right now."

This came after she opened up about watching Azaylia's battle and that the situation "feels like torture".

Azaylia was diagnosed with the deadly condition when she was just eight weeks old and has spent much of her life in and out of hospital.

She recently came home, but was rushed back in last night to undergo an emergency transfusion after suffering nose bleeds.

Ashley Cain dances with her baby daughter during her latest hospitalisation
Ashley Cain with baby daughter during her latest hospitalisation

Despite going through a difficult time, Safiyya vowed to be optimistic and be as happy as possible for her little girl.

"I just wake up in the morning and look at her and feel so blessed that every single morning I'm waking up with her and having her there to hold and to smile and to sing all our Jungle Book theme all day long," she told her followers.

"The amount of times we sing this to her is just mind-blowing and I feel so happy that I can just spend today with her and play and just love her as much as I can and tell her how much I love her.

"It's absolutely heartbreaking, this feels like torture. It's so difficult and so hard and the support you guys are all giving us is amazing, it's incredible."