An Asda worker has been heaped with praise after he made a life-changing decision for one shopper.

Michael, who works at the Asda Eastlands store in Manchester, has been hailed a 'hero' after helped save the sight of Eileen.

The grandmother had come into the shop for a routine eye test, only for the ophthalmologist to discover something was badly amiss, Manchester Evening News reported.

Michael immediately referred 75-year-old Eileen for further examination after he picked up some warning signs that he wasn't happy about.

A blockage behind a cataract was confirmed and she underwent an emergency operation at the Royal Eye Hospital in Manchester.

Eileen was told that if it had been left any longer she could have lost her sight.

Eileen had come into the Asda having no idea anything was so wrong
Eileen had come into the Asda having no idea anything was so wrong
Michael has been praised for his good work
Michael has been praised for his good work

She said: "I'm so grateful to Michael; I really can't thank him enough.

"He is such a treasure for Asda to have. I just went in for a routine eye test as I had no symptoms at all.

"Thankfully Michael spotted what he did otherwise I could have lost the sight in my eye – and having your sight is such a precious thing."

Michael has modestly brushed off all of the plaudits he has been showered with.

He said: "It's very nice to get a bit of praise and recognition, but this is what we are here to do.

"It's nice when patients come back and let us know the outcome and you think, 'I've done well.'"

Michael has quickly become a bit of a celebrity in and around Manchester.

One shopper said: "Well done, you've done a wonderful thing for this lady, eyesight is so precious.

"I've been having my eyes tested at Asda for many years and I've always been delighted with the service I have received."

Another wrote: "Congratulations on a good job..this lady's eye was saved."

A third added: "Fantastic work from Michael! To save Eileen's sight is wonderful and there is no greater testament to your skill and dedication."

A fourth person wrote: "How fantastic is that. Well done sir, you are obviously good at your job, this lady was very luck."

The store's customer trading manager Lisa Casey, who nominated Michael for an Asda customer service award, said: "Afterwards Eileen came in and she was so over the moon.

"She was just so happy with the service from Michael.

"Through his due diligence he potentially saved her from losing her sight.

"We are all dead proud of Michael. He is a really nice, approachable, friendly guy, and a valued member of the team."