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Arsenal fashionista Hector Bellerin shows off his ‘quarantine garden’ look during Prem shutdown

HECTOR BELLERIN might be finding this lockdown a bit too much or maybe his strange tramp-like attire is a new statement to get them talking on the Paris catwalks once this pandemic ends.

The Arsenal defender took to Instagram to show off his new look.

With bizarre mustard-coloured trousers, a white vest and a tartan-style top, you might have expected him to ask you for "a bit of spare change" as he sat in his quarantine garden.

It is not the first time the Spanish 25-year-old has caused a stir with his choice of outfits.

Back in January last year, he looked like he had walked off the set of Zoolander as he posed in a weird black plastic Mac, with a 'drummer from the Stone Roses-style' hat and check trousers.

It's not as though his outfits don't cost a pretty penny.

Wearing a Fear of God Denim jacket with a £1,272 price tag it certainly turned heads.

He even previously wore an 'I heart NY' jumper that set him back £650 - and made him look as though he was playing for a village cricket team sponsored by the New York Tourist Board.

Bellerin labelled his latest fashion faux pas on Instagram as: "Quarantine Garden fits."

But it got a huge backlash from fellow Instagram followers.

Some were too homophobic to publish on this website but one said: "If this is fashion it sucks dont get why you'd choose to wear like a poor person."

Another questionable 'fashion' item adorned by Bellerin seemed to be an advert for Pepsi; the red, white and blue jacket was emblazoned with the soft drink brand's logo.

But our favourite was the light blue flowery 'bath robe' he wore with black shorts and boots.

The right-back, once labelled Mickey Pearce out of Only Fools and Horses by Sky Sports pundit Jamie Carragher, really does know how to look a bit of 'plonker' as Del Boy might say.

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