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Arnside care home celebrates 100th birthday and no cases of coronavirus

A CARE home has had plenty to celebrate thanks to an important birthday milestone and continued hard work keeping coronavirus at bay

Holly Bank care home in Arnside has been marking the 100th birthday of resident Jessie Crawley.

The home hosted a party for Jessie and received donations of food and drink from local businesses and the community.

Jessie had a birthday cake and a card from Her Majesty the Queen.

“The whole community has been really kind to make it very special,” said Ann Mason-Day, Holly Bank care manager.

Staff in care homes have endured a difficult time of late due to the pandemic but Ann said they have managed to avoid any cases of coronavirus due to 'strict control measures'.

"We’re wearing full PPE (Personal Protection Equipment)," she said.

“I make staff take their outside shoes off before they come into the building.

"We went into lockdown before everyone else did and we did not allow visitors.”

She said residents had responded well to new measures.

They are able to contact family via Facetime and phone calls.

“They’ve adjusted really well and especially with PPE which can be frightening," she said.

"They have taken it in their stride."

The care community as a whole in Cumbria has a cause to celebrate as well.

The government has announced that Cumbria County Council will receive a share of a £600m Infection Control Fund.

This has been launched to reduce the transmission of coronavirus in care homes.

Cumbria County Council will receive £5,678,490 to support local homes.

There are currently 4,424 care home beds registered in the area.

The funding will be used to ensure that care homes can continue their efforts to halt the spread of coronavirus by helping them cover the costs of implementing measures to reduce transmission.

The government has also rolled out a new wellbeing package for social care staff. This includes two new helplines, led by the Samaritans and Hospice UK.

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