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Are we really supposed to feel sorry for the prime minister about struggling to pay for a nanny?

Are we supposed to feel sorry for him? There are people on minimum wage, doing more than one job; masses of people worrying about being made redundant due to the pandemic; families who have to use food banks just to survive; the homeless; women born in the 1950’s who have to wait longer to access their pension; households on the verge of eviction who for no fault of their own cannot pay their rent;  people who cannot afford the funeral costs for loved ones lost due to the virus; over 80’s who cannot afford a television license.  

This prime minister is not only self-centred and, in my view, morally bankrupt, he doesn’t seem to have any idea how people have to manage on a fraction of the income he is paid.

Time to look for work

It must be tough struggling along on £150,000 a year plus presumably very generous expenses, free accommodation, free transport, free Caribbean holidays and lots more besides. 

It would be extraordinary to imagine that the prime minister had no other savings from his previous £350,000 a year income, or any inherited wealth, but he and he alone decided to take on the job and to father a new child, and if he is anywhere near as successful as Tony Blair in cashing in in his time as prime minister, he’s unlikely to ever have any money worries. Besides, his partner doesn't work, so why does he need a nanny anyway? If Boris Johnson is really strapped for cash, maybe (like so many families in the UK) his partner needs to go out and get a job.

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Boris Johnson’s analogies

It's a small, small fish in the ocean of  his incompetence but the PM cannot even get his analogies right.

A pandemic most definitely does not require a “circuit break”, it requires a fire break. The latter has a chance of preventing further spread; the former just halts proceedings for exactly the time that the circuit is broken then starts up as before...

Recruiting nurses

The main sources of trained medical staff are India and the Philippines. These two countries provide people who have good spoken English, are trained to a high standard, and have a strong work ethic, which is why they are so attractive to this country and the USA. 

At the last count, there were around 15,000 nurses from the Philippines in the NHS. Meanwhile, back in their home country, the health service is struggling with coronavirus and one of the main problems is a lack of trained nurses.

The reason nurses come to this country is superior pay and working conditions. We can afford to give them something better than their home country can afford. You cannot blame the nurses for wanting to provide for their families.

The NHS appears to be unable to recruit nurses domestically, a problem which stretches back decades and includes large scale recruitment in the Caribbean in the 1950s and 1960s. It seems the easiest solution is to take nurses from other countries that can ill afford to lose them. But how this can be in any way ethical is difficult to comprehend.  

Stop blaming young people

We are all in this together, coronavirus can kill anyone it chooses.

Stop with the arguably ageist arguments and encourage everyone to act responsibly, signed, a middle-aged, overweight asthmatic with a daughter at Newcastle uni who is trying to behave responsibly when she has already lost half of her first year.

Matt Hancock: I would report my neighbour

Stag hunting

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