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Apple event – live: AirPods 3, new MacBook Pro, Apple Music voice discount and more products unveiled

Apple has unveiled a host of new products at its “Unleashed” virtual event on Monday.

The star of the show is an updated MacBook Pro, which will include a new M1 Pro or M1 Max chip. New AirPods with spatial audio have also been unveiled.

The new MacBooks will come alongside the updated MacBook Air, Pro, Mac Mini and iMac that were released with Apple’s M1 chip – the first “Apple Silicon” processor designed by Apple itself rather than Intel.

Apple describes the new M1 chips as the first truly professional version of that chip, bringing yet more performance for more demanding users.

The outside also received a redesign, with an even thinner screen than its predecessor. The MacBook Pro comes in two sizes (14” and 16”) and comes with additional ports for users.

A live stream of the event can be found at the top of this page.


MacBook Pro ‘reimagined in every way'

More details about the new MacBook Pro can be found courtesy of our tech editor Andrew Griffin right here.


Ports added to new MacBook Pro

Apple is breaking with precedent by actually adding ports to its new MacBook Pro.

• 3 Thunderbolt 4 ports


Brand new MacBook Pro

Here it is, the brand new, “completely redesigned” MacBook Pro.

It comes in two sizes, a 14” model and a 16” model. Apple calls it “a pro notebook that simply has no rival”.


More details about Apple’s new M1 Pro and M1 Max

You can read more about the new chips right here.

Apple has announced the ‘M1 Pro’ and ‘M1 Max’, a pair of chips built for its more powerful computers.


M1 Pro not the only Apple chip announced

On top of announcing the M1 Pro, Apple has also unveiled the M1 Max.

This chip brings “remarkable performance” compared to the chips of PC counterparts.

Here’s the key specs for the M1 Max:


Apple announces M1 Pro chip

Next up is the Apple M1 Pro chip, which takes Apple Silicon “to a whole new level”.


Read more about Apple’s AirPods 3

You can read more about the new AirPods line up here.

Apple has launched AirPods 3, new wireless earbuds that borrows from its more expensive Pro version.


The all new AirPods line up

This is how the new Apple AirPods line up will look, and how much they’ll cost.


Apple AirPods to go 3D

Some news about AirPods, which Tim Cook claims are now the most popular headphones in the world.

AirPods will now support spatial audio to “create something truly multi-dimensional”, offering “a whole new way to experience music”.

It works with AirPods Pro And AirPods Max.


More about Apple Music Voice Plan

You can read more about Apple’s new Voice Plan for its Music streaming service here.