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Antiques Roadshow guest who bought a £3 pot at a car boot sale staggered to learn it’s worth £2,000

A GUEST on Antiques Roadshow was shocked to find out the true value of a large pot he bought at a car boot sale for £3.

The man had brought the large golden container to to the V&A in Dundee to meet with expert Bonnie Archer-Morgan - who revealed the staggering true price of the item.

"This is one hell of a washing up bowl! Where is it from and what do you use it for?" Bonnie began by jokingly asking the man about the bowl.

"It's my pocket dish - you know when you come in the door and you empty your pockets?" the guest replied. "Well, my last dish was too small."

Joking that he must have "deep pockets" to fill the basin, Bonnie went on to ask if the guest knew where it was from and what it was originally used for.

With the man looking dumbfounded, the expert added: "What this is, it's a Mamluk revival - the Mamluks were a warrior class of people in the Islamic world from the 9th century to about the 19th century.

"In other words, in England we would call in Medieval revival, there they call is Mamluk revival. It was either made in Syria or Egypt."

It was then that the man went on to staggeringly reveal he bought the rare item at a car boot sale, and "begrudingly" for a minimal £3.

"The outside looked the same as the inside, it looked like a dirty bowl," the Scottish guest revealed of its original state before he polished it up.

"Once I noticed the markings - it was totally covered," he went on, as Bonnie added it was silver inlay that had been covered up.

"It's tri-metal actually, as you've got brass, silver and you've got little copper circles up here, it's a tour de force," he added, noting it was a "food bowl".

"I like your use for it, I put pencils and objects in bowls and things all the time, but a piece like this one, it has a great value as well - greater than £3."

Much to the surprise of the owner, Bonnie valued the large metal bowl at £1000 "at the right place", and "on a really good day" it could be £2000.

"So I've got a very classy pocket dish," the man smiled and joked as he tried to contain his shock at the item's worth.

"The classiest pocket dish that I've ever seen," Bonnie concluded.

Antiques Roadshow airs at 8pm on Sunday's on BBC One.

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